A Visit to the Poultry Show

January 23, 2013
This past weekend, I attended the Northeastern Poultry Show.  I must say that I am never disappointed when I go.  There was so much to see and do!

I spent time visiting with children’s author, Jan Brett, and her amazing, prize winning Polish hens and roos. Can I just tell you that her chickens just smell amazing!  As I was holding one of her hens, I could smell this wonderful aroma of eucalyptus, mint, and lavender wafting up to my nose.  I leaned over and smelled her chicken’s poofy head, it was delightful!  Her sweet chicken, fell asleep in my arms while waiting for her beauty treatment.

Children’s Author, Jan Brett, and myself


Tilly's Nest-Jan brettwp poultry show
Jan’s Polish chickens for sale

Soon enough, it was off to see my favorites, the Silkies.  I call this Silkie row.  This is just a portion of the white Silkies all competing for the winning ribbon.

tilly's nest-white silkieswp
There is even a showing division just for kids, called the junior division. Here they are sharing their chickens with the judges.
For most of the chickens, life goes on as usual.  They lay their eggs.
They fall asleep.


They have deep thoughtful moments.

For the past few years, I have looked forward to everything about the show-the chickens, the vendors, the folks who came to sell livestock and the overall energy of the entire event.  However, this year was different.  For me, it was about meeting up with the same group of ladies that I always meet up with at the shows.  It has become clear to me how important our friendships mean to one another and I could not wait to be together, chatting away like a bunch of cackling hens!  We met up at lunch time with one another.  In no time, we were surrounding a plate of freshly baked brownies, pumpkin bread, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers.  Even though I had not seen some of these ladies in person in over a year, it was just as if time had never passed.

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20 thoughts on “A Visit to the Poultry Show”

  1. Thanks again…. I go every year to our interior provincial exhibition and always spend time checking out the chickens and other birds. I'm always amazed at how beautiful and different many of them are.

  2. Wow, how fun! I love the photo of the egg laid by a chicken and the one of the chicken taking a nap 🙂 Life goes on as usual!

    I'm linking up my post on how to tap your maple trees to make your own syrup. Thanks for hosting!


  3. Oh look at all the Chickens and
    beautiful ones at that! I've had
    Chicken envy for years and am not
    allowed to have them thanks to my
    HOA…. Thanks for hosting the
    Blog Hop.

  4. Melissa, it was so nice to meet you at the Poultry Show! I just love your photo of that sweet hen sleeping. As a first time poultry show goer, what really stood out for me was not only the many gorgeous and loved hens but also the amazing beauty of all the roosters. Did you happen to see the girl with her two show/pet chickens—one on her shoulder, one on her lap? Adorable! I also met one of the show judges who was quite an interesting guy. This is really a don't miss show.


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