The Spirit of Christmas As Interpreted by the Chickens

December 10, 2012
spirit of christmas with a wreath on the coop

The holidays are such a wonderful time.  It is time when the world looks for peace, families and friends gather, old memories are reflected upon and new ones are made.  We can view the spirit of Christmas through the eyes of our little ones and even through the eyes of our chickens.

Deck the Halls~ Every year, we add an evergreen wreath to the chicken coop.  We love to share in the holidays with all of our pets and family.  A sweet burlap bow and a zinc garden marker were all it took to make this wreath stand out. Tilly and the girls love to watch the garden marker blow in the breeze. Chickens even appreciate some Christmas lights that help to light up the evening’s darkness.

Compassion~Chickens are capable of love and compassion.
Witnessing a broody mother as she welcomes a new brood of hatching eggs into the world
Two broody hens sharing the same nesting box despite the availability of others.
A rooster defending a weaker hen from hens higher up in the pecking order.
A healthy hen sitting near another hen keeping a vigil as she passes away.

White Christmas~ I love seeing the chicken coop covered in a blanket of snow.  The chickens never quite know how to react to the white stuff falling from the sky.  Each one of them peeks from the half moon coop door.  Seven little heads stacked upon each other all wondering what to do with the freshly fallen snow that covers up the ramp and run floor.  With a quick sweep of the broom and light shoveling, the ground becomes visible once more.  The girls happily come from the coop to explore this winter wonderland.  They gaze at the falling snow from the sky.  They drink the melting snowflakes that drip down the run and peck at the snow.

Generosity~ Chivalrous roosters sharing found worms, seeds and grubs as he forages. Mother hens feeding her young chicks before herself.  Chickens sharing their eggs with us.

Comfort and Joy~ If chickens could smile, I think this is how I would find them everyday. They are happy, perky little burst of rainbows in the dreary winter landscape.  They seek comfort of the coop and one another on chilly winter nights.  They snuggle soundly on the roosts as visions of…not sugarplums…but probably meal worms dance through their head.

Family~In the flock of chickens, this always comes first.  Like many of us, they may not always get along at times.  There are feuds, alliances, jealousy and gossip. Yet, they never forget that they are a flock.  Together with one another for safety and companionship, they need one another.

The chickens like to remind me of important things in life that are so incredibly easy to forget or overlook, especially during this time of the year.  It is not always about material things.  Giving, loving, forgiving, gathering, sharing, appreciating and caring are truly some of the most important gifts that we can share with friends, family and strangers during this season. Spread the spirit of Christmas.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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7 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas As Interpreted by the Chickens”

  1. Wonderful post! I spend a great many hours just sitting and sharing bits of my day with our chickens…. they show affection (jump on my lap for a little cuddling), they show excitement (they frolic over their afternoon lettuce and banana treat)… we too decorated the run for Christmas, and they have enjoyed wandering around under the Christmas lights till much later than their usual bedtime… Thanks for sharing this post today!

  2. Such beautiful sentiments and truths spoken here today! I've loved watching our girls over the years as well. When things are harmonious in the Hen house nothing is more fun to witness… Just the other day our girls were sunbathing( fluffing and preening) inside the coop behind the large glass glass window. Three of them side by side covered in shavings!!!

  3. Great post, I miss my chickens. I can't wait to have a flock again, but in the meantime I have my ducks to enjoy. The have such unique personalities and are amazing to watch. I though it would be cute to take a Christmas picture of them waring Santa hats and scarves, but they didn't see the humor in it and aren't too happy with me now. 🙂

  4. Hey! I have to say. You guys have great posts and are inspiring me to get some chickens myself! I'm new to blogger and I was wondering, if you could maybe check out my blog sometime! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


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