A New England Snowy Morning

December 30, 2012
Last night I could hear the winds whipping and the rain falling.  Then all of sudden around nine o’clock in the evening a serene silence fell upon my ears.  The pounding sleeting rain had turned to snow.  Wonderful huge heavy snowflakes fell from the evening sky.  This morning I woke to streams of brilliant morning sunlight dancing through the windows.  The storm had left the wet heavy snow clinging to all in sight.  The wild birds were awake, alive and singing songs from their hearts.
By the time I journey out, the snow on the chicken coop had begun to melt.
Snow covered branches were beginning to melt.


Branches heavy with snow bent from the weight.


Singing chickadees were some of the first to arrive at the feeders.


Two regular Red Breasted Nuthatches came to investigate too.


Of course, my heart always feels a sense of peace when the Carolina Wrens are visible at the feeders.  We have been sustaining a few generations now of these little ones.  It is not often that they overwinter in the Northeast, but they are happy here in our yard.


The vegetable garden now sleeps.  The trellises are now covered in snow.


I scooped the snow away from our beehive entrances and left the rooftop snow for insulation. The morning sun was just beginning to reach and warm the hives.
We are expecting more wintry weather over the next few weeks.  The magic of winter is upon us.
“What good is the warmth of summer, 
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
 ~John Steinbeck

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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  1. Beautiful photographs. Snow is one thing I miss about the west, living in Thailand. Thailand has never had snow so it's one thing just about every Thai I know would love to see.

    Our weather today, New Year's Day 2013 in Bangkok, — hot, hot, hot 🙂 (About 95 degrees).

    Happy New Year!


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