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September 28, 2012

One thing that has always been important to me with my flock is feeding them as I do my family, organically.  For many reasons, we have chosen to go organic and three years ago, I wondered if there was a company out there that believed in similar values.  To my surprise and happiness, I discovered Treats for Chickens!  Long before they were a sponsor of ours, I religiously placed my orders for treats, supplies and the like; trying every product they carried.  Fast forward to today.  I am happy to celebrate with them as they open their very first retail store!

The first TWO customers to enter their new retail store located at 606 Portal St., Cotati, CA 94931 and tell them “Tilly Sent Me.” during their grand opening celebration between 11:30am and 1 pm will receive a free bag of Worms and Harvest Flakes!  There will also be free giveaways and prizes as well as 25% off your entire purchase on that day in the store.

If you live too far away like me, don’t fret! We can still celebrate!  From now until midnight PST- September 30, 2012 you will receive 25% off your entire order and you can also enter below to win this amazing giveaway prize pack valued at almost $40!  Enter Tilly25 at checkout.

This awesome giveaway is for three of my very favorite products!

~Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (2 pound bag)- I have yet to find organic food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) anywhere else, but maybe that could be because I have never looked any further.     Treats For Chicken’s DE is reasonable priced and the quality is top notch.  I have never purchased my DE from anywhere else.  I use the DE when I clean out the coop.  I also add 2% volume to their food supply.

~A Pest Pistol–  This tool is amazing!  Fill it with food grade DE and blast the DE into all of your coop’s nooks and crannies without any need for a ladder.  It is important to not only treat your nesting boxes, roosts and coop floor with DE but also the nooks and crannies of the ceiling.  Mites and other insects can lurk there.  With a blast of DE, from the Pest Pistol, you can be sure that you are treating every inch of your coop for predatory bugs. Be careful to cover your nose and mouth and avoid inhalation when applying DE, long term chronic inhalation  can lead to silicosis.

~Nesting Box Blend (4oz bag)- Treats for Chicken is the ORIGINAL company to develop aromatherapy for chickens with their blend of dried herbs and flowers for chickens.  After I clean the coop and add DE, I sprinkle about a tablespoon of nesting box blend into each nesting box.  It is wonderful and helps to make the egg laying process less stressful.  The aroma is delightful and I swear that everyone lays an egg on the days when I clean out the coop!

Here is How to Enter:
You can earn up to three entries.

1.  Follow our Blog (1 entry) see the right hand column for options.

2.  Follow us on Facebook. (1 entry)

3.  Follow Treats for Chicken on Facebook.  Tell them “Tilly says congratulations!” (1 entry)

4.  Leave a comment on this blog telling me which of 1-3 you did.  Be sure to leave an email address so I can notify the winner.

One entry per person.  One winner will be randomly selected from the comments left on this post. Only comments left on this post are eligible   Items ship to US address only.  
Giveaway ends on October 4, 2012-midnight EST.


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33 thoughts on “Giveaway: Grand Opening Celebration”

  1. Good morning!

    1.I do follow (and love!) your blog.

    2.I already follow you on Facebook, same like for Treats for Chickens.

    &3. I posted "Tilly says congratulations!" on TFC's page as well 🙂

    violet acres @ frontiernet. net (no spaces)

  2. Help! I need advice. All my chickens are constipated. This morning I went out to check the nesting boxes and realized that the chicken house floor under the roosts was still pristine straw. Not a dropping anywhere. I have been giving them apple cores and peelings the last couple of days, plus I tossed them some stale organic granola yesterday. That's the only change. I read online that you can give them olive oil enemas(!) no thanks, or try molasses in their water, which I did. Also I gave them some fresh grass clippings but they are just picking, so to speak, at their food. My vet said he doesn't know anything about chickens and in this rural area there are no second opinions. Any ideas or experience with this? Thank you, very much.

    • Oh no, I personally do not have much experience with this, but I do know that when I have fed them the Flock Block with Molasses, their poops seems to be more frequent and less formed. I wish I had more information for you…You don't think their crops are impacted?

  3. No, I've palpated their crops and they aren't very full. I'll try more molasses in their water tomorrow if they haven't pooped overnight again. I switched it back to plain water when they seemed to avoid the sweetened as I didn't want them to get dehydrated. And tomorrow I'll go looking for "Flock Block". Poor guys, I'd hate to have to resort to the olive oil enemas! I think the rooster would have a problem with it.

    Well thanks for the commiseration anyway, and the molasses info. I follow your blog by the way. Love it. It's why I have chickens.


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