Canning Pickles and Kimchi

September 12, 2012
 I had a “pickle” of a time finding canning jars.  I drove to at least three different stores here on Cape Cod without any luck.  Finally, on the fourth store I had luck except they only had smaller pint size jars instead of the quart size that I was needed.  So, I picked those up and just made smaller batches.

I made the Kimchi first, as the cabbage had to soak in the brine for at least two hours.  After I prepped the rest of the ingredients for the Kimchi, I moved onto the pickles.  Making the pickles was my favorite part!
The pickles were super easy and very fast to make.  I ended up making three jars of pickles and sharing a jar with my neighbor.  After three days of resting, we opened them and took our first bite.  Yum!!!  They are fabulous.  So fabulous that we blew through the first two jars and I made some more last night.  My husband says that we are never buying store bought pickles again.  This weekend, we will try the Kimchi.  The pickling process takes a bit longer but the jars sure look pretty.  I hope it is as good as the pickles.  This past week I tried something new. I was inspired by so many of you.  I just have one question, how can you wait so long to taste all of the wonderful things that pickle and can?
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  1. I added my latest blog post about National Chicken Month. I have more of a schooling/every day life blog, but sometimes have something chicken related. We did do some baking and canning last week, but it was included in my longer homeschooling weekly wrap-up. Not sure that's what you're looking for! LOL

    • Thank you for linking up Our Side of the Mountain! I love the post! This hop is about you all, so anything you feel like sharing is wonderful in my eyes. This makes me feel like I get to know you all even better.


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