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Crock Pot Ratatouille

Yesterday, we decided to go apple picking.  Since we had a bunch of squash, eggplants and tomatoes, it seemed like an easy solution to dinner to make our crock pot ratatouille.  This is a very easy satisfying recipe.  When completely cooked it is like a vegetable stew.  We serve it over rice or pasta with crusty bread.  Last night, I fried up a few sausages per the kids request as a side.

Tillys Nest- crock pot ratatouille









This is one of those eyeballing recipes.  No exact measurements are given.  Just gauge it on the size of your crock-pot.  I have a large crock-pot.

2 large eggplants or 4 small eggplants-sliced in 1/4″rounds-okay to leave skin on
2 medium onions- sliced in 1/4″ rounds-separated into rings
2 medium zucchini-sliced in 1/4″rounds
4 large tomatoes-sliced in 1/4″ rounds
4 cloves garlic-diced
10 fresh basil leaves-sliced chiffonade style
extra virgin olive oil


Drizzle olive oil in the bottom of the crock pot.  You will build this as you do a lasagna, in layers. On top of the oil add a layer eggplant, then the zucchini, then the onions, then the tomatoes.  Sprinkle the tomatoes with some garlic, parsley, basil and tarragon.  Salt and pepper the tomatoes and then drizzle with olive oil.

Repeat the above process until you get to the top of the crock pot.  The last layer on top should be the tomatoes.  Repeat the fresh herbs, oil and salt and pepper.

Cook on high for 6 hours.  When it is done, take a wooden spoon and chop through to the bottom of the vegetables breaking them up a bit.  Mix well and serve hot.

When we arrived home from apple picking, the house and crock pot ratatouille smelled so amazing!  I love it when I can spend the whole day out and not worry about getting home in time for dinner or what I am going to make.

Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest

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