Chickens Need Love Too

August 3, 2012



I believe they are capable of
love, compassion and empathy.
They never cease to amaze me.

Photo Credit:  4JPhotography, GLC


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8 thoughts on “Chickens Need Love Too”

  1. I really had no knowledge of chickens when we moved into an old farmhouse with a large coop. My husband decided to get chickens & it would be my job to take care of them! Yikes!! I envisioned big, mean, thoughtless creatures pecking & flogging me!! But instead, he brought home these little balls of fluff that melted my heart. I was in love & the more time I spent with those peeps the more they loved me back!!! I had a RIR rooster that amazed me with his affection & personality. He lived to be 8 & was the oldest from my original flock. He loved to curl up in my lap any chance he got ♥
    I enjoy your blog. You really seem to have a special place in your heart for your chickens.

  2. I love to nuzzle my chickens too…..some of them don't mind but some really hate being held. Do you think even chickens raised by their momma hen like the affection? I've noticed only the ones raised by me tolerate being held and cuddled.

  3. Great photos. I TOTALLY agree. Sometimes it's hard to explain this to others who don't have chickens. Lots of people think I'm crazy! I don't mind, though, because my chickens have brought me immeasurable joy and peace.


  4. I have four chooks and one sits on my lap, the other three show no interest. I don't know what it is that makes one chook want to come to you but it is lovely when they do. your photos are so, so cute.

  5. They are really so surprising in how different they all are. Now that mine have started laying they are a bit louder but seem so much more affectionate if that is what it is. Maybe just curious. They follow us around and sit around us when we let them out to roam. Very sweet picture.


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