Recipe for Happy Chickens

July 29, 2012


3 part Fresh Air
2 parts Food
1 1/2 parts Clean Water
2 parts Shelter
4 parts Companionship
2 parts Safety and Protection from Predators
1 part A Home to Rear their Young
1 part Sources of Entertainment
 a sprinkle of Love
a dash of Peace


Recipe for Happy Chickens

Recipe for Happy HumansImportant: Recipe amounts can be adjusted to your own preference.


Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest



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9 thoughts on “Recipe for Happy Chickens”

  1. So true. I would add and some time roaming the backyard with mine. They are happiest pooping all over my backyard which I then have to hose down when they are all done. I am so excited. Got my first two edible eggs yesterday from my Barred Rocks.

    • Oh yes! My girls love to free range too with supervision of course. We have so many hawks! Just yesterday, I heard the "alarm" and there was a large Red Shouldered Hawk scoping out a chicken dinner! Congratulations on the eggs! For me the excitement of discovering the eggs never wears off 🙂


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