Easy Hydrangea Arrangement

June 29, 2012

Hydrangea season is upon us and I just love them.  They thrive on Cape Cod and the flowers are abundant.  This year is no different.  The blooms are just gorgeous and help to make a lovely arrangement in minutes. 

Here is what you will need to make this:
6 Hydrangea stems or so~ You can also find these at your local florist or grocer.
2 large leaves (I used Hosta)
1 wide mouthed vase (I used one approximately 6″ high and 6″wide)
sharp scissors

First, you will need to take fresh cuttings.  Always cut flowers in the morning hours.  Cut the stems on an angle with a sharp pair of scissors.  While holding them, allow the flowers’ cut stems to face the sky- essentially upside down.  This helps to keep the flowers hydrated until they are placed in water.  I like to pick stems at various stages of opening.  Some are fully bloomed. While others are just emerging from their buds.  This to me, makes for an interesting arrangement and also allows it to last longer.




Once inside, begin to trim off any unnecessary leaves on the hydrangea stems that will sit in the vase’s water. This helps to keep the water clean in the vase.  Leaves that are above the water line should be left alone.  Cut the Hosta leaves’ stems on an angle.  Fill the vase with water, halfway, and then with the pretty side facing out, mold the Hosta leaf against the glass being sure that it’s stem is inside the water.


Add the flowers to the vase, shorter stems to the outside and longer stems on the inside. If you are using a shorter vase, like me, I like to make the arrangement with the hydrangea stems in my hand.  Then I rubber band them together to keep the bouquet uniform and prevent it from toppling over. Hydrangeas tend to be top heavy.  Finally, fill the remainder of the vase with water and enjoy!

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  1. Oh, no – too late; my hydrangeas are virtually finished now, the heat has taken its toll, but I do like to put them on my DR table as they last a good while. Sometimes I add a little blue or green food coloring to the water.


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