Chickenless in Seattle

June 14, 2012

A trip to Seattle is never complete without a trip to Pike Place Market.  This historic landmark since 1907 is known as America’s first Farmer’s Market.  As we walked from end to end, we saw rows upon rows of freshly cut flowers.

Mixed bouquets like this one for $10
Flowers paved the aisles


Poppies bursting with vibrant hues


My favorite…peonies

Fruits, meats and seafood were also abundant.  One vendor in the market is famous for its “flying fish” tossed from one co-worker to another over the counter to be processed after hand picked by the patron.  The energy was palpable and fun.




Did you know that the Market is also the site of the original Starbucks?  The window proudly displays its original unedited logo.


As we sipped our coffees, we enjoyed a little bluegrass music from the musicians outside, The Tallboys.

As we turned around to reenter the market across the street from Starbucks, I found my first evidence of chickens at the market place…farm fresh eggs.

My visit to Seattle, may have been chicken-less, but I sure did find evidence of their existence not too far away.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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