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April 10, 2012
The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze.
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer
There was a time when everyone spoke without words.
A time when gazing into each other’s eyes,
we simply understood.
We spoke with our hearts.
Words did not get in the way.
The language was pure.
It has been a long time since humans communicated without words.
Words made the world complicated.
To me, chickens remind me that life should be simpler.
Sometimes when I catch one of their glances our eyes lock.
And for just a moment,
I understand.
I feel.
I “listen”
Volumes are “spoken”.
This henny girl belongs to my dear friend Viola.  She is eight years old and was one of two survivors in a devastating attack by a weasel that killed the rest of her 20 family members.  She was found frightened perched up high in the corner of the rafters.  This photo was taken about a week after the attack in her new reinforced home.  Our eyes locked immediately.  I was frozen for a moment in her gaze.  It lasted about 5 minutes.  Neither of us moved.  We were busy; connecting.
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest



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17 thoughts on “Wordless World”

    • Yes, the nice news is that Viola did rebuild. She now has close to 30 hens and roos! I'm so glad that she has a new family and a happy ending. BTW, did you enter the coop contest? I know you have wanted a flock for a long time now 🙂

    • Oh runningdoe I know! The nice thing is that the attack happened last Spring. This henny girl is now happily living with her sister that also survived the attack, a bunch of new hens and a ton of cute little Silkies. She has a new family that love her very much!

  1. It kind of makes you wonder why we ever try to live without animals. Why would we do that to ourselves? When we moved house being able to have animal companions in the new place was our #1 priority. It's sometimes heartbreaking to love an animal, but at least it means I still have a heart.

    • So true Joanna. Sometimes, the world around us loses focus. I think animals keep us grounded and we can learn so much from them. I know the heartbreak that you speak of, and I feel exactly the same way as you do.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about connecting with a chicken. Some of my happiest memories are cuddling with my sweet girl Aster (who passed away last summer). She would tilt her head to the side so she could look up right into my eyes. I can't even describe in words how that connection feels. It almost makes me cry just thinking about it!

    • Yes, they do touch our hearts. All things can, even small little animals or to some who can't understand, chickens. I think the most important thing is living life with an open heart and mind.

  3. I'm a new chicken owner, well chick owner right now. And people ask me repeatedly why I would ever want chickens. And you have said it so well, it's the connection not just to the bird but to a part of life that we seem to have become so far removed from.


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