Winner: Chicken Coop from My Pet Chicken

First a huge thank you is in order to My Pet Chicken for sponsoring such an amazing giveaway this month!  This was by far our most popular giveaway yet with over 1100 entries.  One lucky winner was selected at random with the help of a random number generator to win the Clubhouse Chicken Coop.  The winner will have to identify where they found the 5 hidden Tilly emoticons in order to claim the prize within the next 24 hours (deadline is April 18, 2012, 1:15pm East Coast Time).  The winner should email me at: [email protected] with links to all 5 Tillys.  If the winner fails to locate all the Tilly’s in the time frame allowed, a new winner will be randomly selected.

Susie H.
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Thank you again everyone for entering.
Stay tuned for a brand new giveaway happening later this week.

Photo Credit:  My Pet Chicken

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  • Congrats Susie H!!!!

  • Congratulations Susie!

  • I dont know how to make the profile thingy work, but OMG I can't believe I won!!!


  • Congratulations Susie H.! I hope you enjoy the coop! How exciting for you! – Jessi Counts

  • OMG I can't believe I won!!!


  • Good for you, Susie! Enjoy the beautiful new chicken coop!

  • Congratulations Susie. I've bought 2 from My Pet Chicken. They are great.

  • Super cool! Congrats!

  • Congratulations!!


  • So did Susie H. have the correct answers? *curious*

    • Yes Susie H. did claim the coop and find all the 5 Tillys. Thank you so much Shannon for entering. We are starting another giveaway today. Please be sure to enter to win a new wonderful egg cookbook.

  • Yeah Susie ! What a cool coop for your chix!

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