Spring in the Gardens: After the Rain

April 23, 2012

Whatever happened to April showers bring May flowers?  This April we have set a new record for dry weather on the Cape.  It has been over two weeks since we have had any rain.  Living on this little strip of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, many of this year’s Spring storms somehow seem to have just missed us.  The grass is dry.  Flowers need watering and the gardens have been slow to emerge from the ground.  However, last night a storm arrived.

All night, I listened to wind and rain beating against the bedroom window.  I was pulled from my sleep by the sound of torrential rains drumming down on the skylights.  It was hard to return to sleep.  All I could think about was visiting the gardens after the rain.  We needed this so badly.  The morning light could not come fast enough, as I yearned to explore the gardens.

On the other hand, the chickens had been living the good life over the past two weeks.  Putting it mildly, they are not fans of rain and wind.  Thank goodness I believed the rumor of rain last night and covered their run before the storm began.   This morning, happy as can be, one by one they popped out into their dry run.  They had no idea how a good rain seems to make the gardens miraculously grow overnight.  I kept my flip flops on and explored the yard. I could feel the rain from the grass collecting between my toes as a fine drizzle still fell from the sky.  I could feel it kissing my cheeks and my hair beginning to frizz.  I too felt incredibly alive.
The pansies held up in the rain.


Overnight the potted peas reached to the sky twirling tendrils of support.
 Finally the Turkish fig unfurled its leaves.  I had been staring at buds all week.
The crab apple’s buds are ready to burst.


The lettuce in the garden grew at least 2 inches.


The kale’s leaves guided the rain drops to its roots.


A fallen oak leaf hid amongst the creeping phlox.



Spring blooms are arriving in the back garden.
Even the agave welcomed the rain.


Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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14 thoughts on “Spring in the Gardens: After the Rain”

  1. Such pretty pictures!
    We have been in a drought for the last two years but this winter/spring we had a LOT of rain and it is amazing how beautiful everything is… Mother nature seems to recover even stronger after adversity.

  2. Nothing like a good rain after a dry spell. Water has that amazing effect of bringing things to life and making them grow leaps and bounds in short amount of time.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

    • Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much. I hope you can forgive me for having to keep quiet about the Country Living Award. I do follow your blog and we are finally ready to have another dog in our family. It has been years since our last one passed. I use a Canon TI1 and I purchase a separate lens that I use sometimes to "zoom" in.


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