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Soul Food

The eyes are the window to the soul.
~traditional Proverb
Today, I stole a quiet moment.  It had been long overdue.  The kids were playing so nicely and quietly together that I took time to sneak off into the gardens and brilliant sunshine where I have been working all week long.  I found a place in the grass and sat.  From my vantage point I could see the chickens, the garden and the new beehives. As hard as it was, I refrained from calling out to the flock.
Tilly and Oyster Cracker were wing to wing just sitting in a huge dusty crater they had made; a perfect bath for two.  I felt like a spy.  There I was like a fly on the wall, peeping into their moment together.  What were they doing in there?
There they sat.  I could hear them talking a low sort of muttering under their breath.  Then one would see something on the other’s back and they would gently remove it with their beak.  It would be quiet and then their conversation would resume.  There were no awkward moments of silence.  There was no rush to jump up and grab treats from me.  Their guards were down.  They too were just chilling out relaxing.  This was their stolen moment.
Moments like today are so few and far between for so many of us.  It was strange, this realization that the chickens needed time for themselves too.  They needed quality time for themselves, without the pecking order in the way, other family members showing up trying to squeeze their way into the dust bath or any unplanned visitors to interrupt their day.
Sometimes by doing nothing at all, we accomplish what we truly need.  Hearts are filled.  A sense of peace is restored and we are enveloped in the warmth of the sun’s arms.  Our souls come alive.  If I pay close enough attention, I swear sometimes I can feel it dancing in my heart.

Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.  ~Oscar Wilde

Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest

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  • What a lovely post! I am in dire need of a stolen moment!

    • I hope you find one soon Sandy-Ra or maybe one will find you!

  • Thank you for all those lovely words Melissa! I'll keep them in my heart…
    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    • You are welcome. I hope you enjoy the weekend! Thank you for such a sweet comment.

  • Well spoken. I completely agree and have also felt the same things. It is so satisfying when those small moments of peace are found. Even better to store them up and call upon them at other times. Thanks for posting.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

    • Yes, you are so right. I do use them during sometimes darker days. We all have them-mine mostly are in the Winter when it is dark, gray and gloomy out.

  • LJH

    Lovely thoughts! You can never intentionally find those sorts of moments…they find you.

    • So true! I love it when they find me!

  • Love it!

  • My favorite line of this is(and a good reminder to me to stop, close my eyes, and breath)"Sometimes by doing nothing at all, we accomplish what we truly need. Hearts are filled." That's a good word. thank you.

    • Thank you Karissa. It makes me so happy that we can relate. I am glad you understand 🙂

  • Love your post. Thoughtful and sweet! I believe we do find ourselves in the quiet moments that present themselves when we need them the most. Wonderful words!

    • Awww..thanks. You are so sweet. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Macy Valaer

    I appreciate you beautiful post. It is so true we all need to take time to "Be still and know that He is God ". I wish everyone would slow down and enjoy the true riches.

    I would like to start a blog , how do you get started ?
    Any help will be appreciated
    Thank you

    • Thanks Macy! I am so happy you enjoyed the post. A great place to get started is with It is very easy and there are great tutorials out there to get you on your way. Please let me know if you start one. I'll be cheering you on!

  • Every bit of that sounded amazing. I am currently working on finishing college and working in a stop&shop bake shop, but someday my girl friend and I want to live somewhere we can have chickens and grow our own food. I can't wait, but until then reading your blog will be a great resource.