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April 15, 2012


Feathers rocking an amazing do.

I have three nesting boxes.  The problem is that I have four broody Silkie Bantam hens.  They are stubborn.  As a concession two will often share a box but when one of the big girls comes into lay for the day, it is like World War III.  Every Silkie jockeys for position to stay in their box.  What does a girl who wants to lay her egg do to the broody girls?  She talks to them and gives them a peck.  Often, these hormonal Silkies cannot be reasoned with.  They have an unreal dedication to brood.  The only way they vacate the nesting box is through repetitive pecking by the big girl who wants to lay her egg.  Finally, one little Silkie can’t take it anymore and abandons the nest scooting out into the run.

This repetitive pecking for the Sikies comes at a price.  It affects their cute little heads.  Once filled with a poof ball of fluff, they have now succumbed to the feather styling efforts of the bigger girls.  Some little ones sport mohawk-like dos. Others appear to have a sort of male pattern baldness working.  Then there are some that are missing a few patches here and there, almost mange-like.  I feel badly and know that as soon they snap out of the broodiness, their beautiful poofy coifs return.  The Silkies, on the other hand, are unfazed.

I wish I could be unfazed like them when I get a bad hair cut.  We have all had them.  When trying out a new stylist sometimes the cut is just a little too short, shows off the ears too much or just is the wrong color.  I think the worst cuts though have always come when I have brought a photo in as an example.  “I want to look just like this movie star.”  The problem is we are not in Hollywood.  We have humidity; combine that with running around the day, doing errands, laundry, cooking, washing the dog and serving as an after school taxi cab does not always match the do.  Having naturally wavy hair, often those Hollywood styles end up at the end of the day looking like a huge ball of frizz with it’s own zip code.  Sometimes, I think the chickens could do a better job at styling my hair.  Hey, they’d probably do it for free, especially if they found some bugs in there after I was done gardening for the day.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Parlor”

  1. Hey, you might have to deal with humidity and bad hair cuts but you can always just put on a hat. At least you don't have someone pecking at you all day long. I honestly don't know how the hens deal with it. I really struggle with the pecking. It drives me nuts. Cuz it seems so uncalled for. And yet, they call it a "pecking order" for a reason, I suppose. Sigh…

  2. Ha ha. Picturing this made me laugh. The way you describe the hens hair do's is very funny. They are quite the ladies on the block though with their hair all in place.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  3. Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if entries were still open on the coop giveaway contest? I tried to enter twice, but I notice that the latest comments that show up are from April 2nd, and nothing since. Perhaps comments are broken after certain number?

  4. HI tilly… just wanted to say Thank You
    for all your useful information.. I so want
    chickens for the eggs and I've been getting
    so much from your blog..
    Have not bought my coop yet but will one
    thanks again


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