Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Signs of Spring Interpreted By Chickens

Our littlest one feeding the girls scratch in a Spring dress and snow boots.

Chickens are the only ones excited about daylight savings.

Chickens spend more time outside of the coop in the run.

Chickens begin to find bugs and goodies when out and about.

Chickens sing along to the morning chorus of wild bird songs.

Chickens begin to be more alert and on the lookout for flying predators.

Chickens go to bed late.

Chickens begin to lay eggs regularly.

Chickens go broody.

Chickens begin to enjoy a good dust bath again.

Chickens and their human family begin to spend more time together.

The waterers are no longer frozen in the morning.

The gray veil of Winter is no longer the backdrop of the landscape.

You find your chickens free ranging among the bulbs of Spring; tulips, daffodils and crocuses.

New life emerges from the ground, from buds and from clutches of eggs.

Happy Spring from Tilly’s Nest
Photo Credit:  Mr. Tilly’s Nest

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