Pulling Worms with Love

March 11, 2012

Today, the smell of Spring was in the air.  The sunshine was out and I could not resist letting the girls out on a lazy Sunday.  Happy as can be, they sprinted into action.  I like to take a seat on the ground and enjoy watching their adventures.  Today, Tilly stayed close to me instead wandering off with the flock.

I sat there and watched as the wind danced in her tail feathers.  She found the perfect spot and began to scratch in the soil.  I could smell the freshly thawed soil as it wafted through the air.  Ever so quickly she went to work, pulling one, then two, then three worms.  I put the camera down and went to closer to her.

There I sat observing her, scratching in the dirt and quickly pecking out the worms.  She was fast.  I never did spot most of the worms she pulled from the ground.  She did not mind that I petted her as she worked.  Her black feathers absorbed the rays of the sun and she felt so silky and warm.  As she was enjoying pulling worms, I was enjoying spending time with Tilly and listening to her narrate her every move. We enjoyed one another’s company.





Pulling a worm

After a bit, I could see Tilly’s bulging crop and the other girls had had their fill.  The after meal sleepies were on their way.  Gently I coaxed the girls back into the run for dessert, dried meal worms.  Somehow, like us, they tend to find room in their “tummies” despite feeling full to the gills.

Some of  life’s best memories are made eating with the family.  Simple meals, even with chickens such as a few found worms and grubs, somehow allow us to reconnect with one another.  Somehow, what is being served at the table is never quite as important as what occurs.  The journey of trying new things, exploring favorite places and getting lost in time and conversation with those we love is incredibly valuable.  Simple joys in life are often the most satisfying.  Families, whether chicken or human, all feel the need to connect and share.  Breaking bread while sharing love, sadness, laughter and triumph is what brings us all together and reminds us of how important it is to foster these moments and memories in our hearts.

Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest


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13 thoughts on “Pulling Worms with Love”

  1. Awe, so sweet. I love those kind of days. I never realized how much copper/brown Tilly had in her feathers. She's BEAUTIFUL. I'm really going to make an effort this fall to save a few more feathers when they molt. They are works of art.

    • Thank you! Interestingly she was entirely black for her first two years. This year after her molt she began to get these brownish/coppery feathers. She also has 2 long white feathers in her wings. I think it must come with age, because the Australorp photo on the My Pet Chicken website looks just like Tilly now. I love the idea of collecting feathers. I'm definitely going to have to do that next Fall. Thanks for the idea.

  2. It was indeed a beautiful day. My ladies stepped outside for the first time since the beginning of winter, pecking their way through wet leaves and the remaining icy snow on the ground. It didn't take too long for them to return to the safety of their coop. Broody Minnie was the first back in! Have a great day! Dianne, Stanstead QC.

  3. Wow! what a treasure.
    The Redeemed Gardener suggested letting my chickens work the Hugelkultur in garden over and help rid the mound of ants.
    I wasn't sure it was a good idea. But today after 3 days of torrential down-pouring…the sun came out and I let the girls out. They went there and go right to work!

    I was amazed as I stood there watching them have their fill of little wood ants!

    Such meticulous little gardeners- Pat

    • They do a fantastic job! Last year, in our school's garden we found a nest of termites in the compost pile. We brought over three chickens and they went to work. It was so cute to see the kids come out and visit with them as they were busily clearing the termites. It was such a memorable day! Glad to hear the girls were able to help with the ants.

  4. What a pleasurable time you had with Tilly; I can almost feel the warm sun as Tilly chatters away 🙂 It's going to be a nice warm week for us in ColaSC – in the 70s and even hitting 80 maybe! Time for spring chores; I have a bench to paint this week!

    • Oh how lovely! The South is about 6 weeks ahead of Cape Cod with Spring. I bet it is just gorgeous right now with all the tulips and daffodils in bloom. I too have just started making a list of all those outside chores, I can't wait to get out there and get started. Enjoy!

  5. I really enjoy your blog. I've been wanting to get chickens for the past year at least and I've finally made the plunge. I have 6 chicks ordered from MyPetChicken and they are due to arrive the week of May 21st. I didn't realize that I should've ordered much earlier. I may not even get eggs this year! My coop is being build inside my garage with a run out into a dog pen which I will reinforce. I have to make a brooder before they get here too. I have dogs and horses and am surprised that I am most nervous about getting these little chicks!

    • Hi Shirley! I bet you will have eggs this Fall. They might even be like my girls were and lay the entire Winter season. I am so excited for you and your new little ones. I just know you are going to love keeping chickens in addition to your dogs and horses. You are going to be a wonderful chicken Momma.


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