A Good Friday

March 9, 2012

Today I removed the hen saddle from Dolly.  Just as expected, it took three weeks for her wound to heal and new feathers to return.  Her feathers have grown back beautifully.  Truthfully, I was a bit sad to remove the hen saddle from her.  When it was on, she didn’t seem to mind it and she just looked so darn cute.  My kids loved the fact that she was wearing an outfit just her size!

In addition to the hen saddle, we also treated her wound with Vetericyn spray gel and fortified her diet with Manna Pro’s Poultry Conditioner.  The Vetericyn gel helped to speed up the healing process and prevented the wound from becoming infected.  We used the The Poultry Conditioner to boost her nutrition aiding her to regrow gorgeous feathers.


Just as I was finishing taking photos of Dolly for this post, in came my camera hog, Oyster Cracker.  Dolly and Autumn continued to have a mid-morning snack while Oyster Cracker wanted love.  Soon enough, she hopped out the coop door into my lap.  Dolly and Autumn left the coop and settled in to take a nice dirt bath. It is so nice to have our Dolly happy, healthy and feeling good again.  It was also nice to get a bit of love from my snuggle chicken.  What a wonderful way to start the weekend.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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