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Like many of you around the country, we have had to take extra precautions to keep our flock safe from predators. Cape Cod is home to many predators including but not limited to foxes, coyotes, skunk, raccoon, opossum, weasels, fisher cats, owls and hawks. Any of these would love to make a meal out of one of our flock members. We have always had to be very safe. Our free-ranging is always supervised and mostly takes place after in the early evening before dusk. This gives the flock just enough time to stretch their legs and explore before nightfall.

We are continually striving and looking for additional ways to keep our chicken safe. We try to stay one step ahead of the predators. A couple of months ago, we teamed up with our newest sponsor, Nite Guard. Over the past month, we have been using solar Nite Guards on our chicken coop and run to help keep predators at bay. Since installing the Nite Guards, we have not seen any footprints or scat near the coop and run. Here they are in action. ( Please don’t mind my stuffy voice, I still have that nasty head cold.)

In addition to the keeping livestock safe, they keep deer and wildlife out of gardens and help to protect your property. They are weatherproof, solar powered, eco friendly and easily install in minutes. In this video by Nite Guard, they share with us how Nite Guards appear at various distances and stand up to the elements.
Here is how you can enter to win (1) Solar Nite Guard

1. You must leave a comment on this blog for entry. Only comments here on this blog post will be accepted as an entry. Be sure to leave an email address so that we can contact you if you do not have a blog. (1 entry) If you are doing any of the below actions to increase your number of entries, please let us know in your comment(s). You can earn (3) entries in this amazing giveaway!

2. Become a follower of our blog. (1 entry) See the right sidebar of this website to become a follower either through “Join this Site” or “Networked Blogs”.

3. Stop over to Nite Guard’s Facebook page and tell them Tilly’s Nest sent you. (1 entry)

Good Luck!

This contest ends on Tuesday, March 27,2012 at 11:59pm East Coast Time.

Item ships to US addresses only.

Hello friends, welcome! Follow along on our chicken, beekeeping, gardening, crafting and cooking adventures from Cape Cod.

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  • I would love to win a Nite Guard! I told Nite Guard that you sent me, and became a follower of your blog!Thats 3 entries! My email is: [email protected]!

  • I usually lock my girls in at night, for fear that something will get in the run and to them. I really hate doing this in the summer and would like for them to be able to get out in the run at first light, small quarters make for pecking and bickering. I hadn't seen how these Nite Guards worked before and glad to see that they are soler powered and silent, so neighbors wouldn't complain. Here's crossing my fingers to win.

  • I would love to win a Nite Guard, too. I am already a follower of Tilly's Nest (I think) as I learned about your site from Country Living. We're friends on facebook, too. Keep up the good work. Deborah in Atlanta, [email protected]

  • Hi Tilly… I so could use this
    Night Guard to chase all the
    critters that come into my
    yard at night.. Thank you
    for the chance to have this..
    Happy Spring

  • I loved seeing your video and loved seeing your coop set up. The Night Guards look great I am definitely getting some IF I don't win one! 🙂 Thank you.

  • You can never be too safe! These things are awesome!

    I'm now following your blog, and I let Night Guard know you sent me over.

    [email protected]

  • I would love to win a Nite Guard. We have done all the predator-proofing we can, but we're so nervous every night. I always look for feathers in the yard first thing in the morning.

  • love your blog, always educational, really want to get a night guard for the girls safety. thank you

  • I had read about the Nite Guards last year before I bought my very first chicks & as a result I purchased 3 of them. I've never seen any sign of predators except Hawks which of course, are a daytime only predator. I'm surrounded by woods & overgrown fields, so I know they're out there! I love nite guards & will be going to their FB page to like them & tell them Tilly's Nest sent me. Thanks, Pam Baum

  • Woohoo! I've done everything for 3 entries. Can't wait to see who wins. I have a run that is completly closed in and an extra fence after that for them to free range in, when I'm home. This would be extra predator protection for me.
    [email protected]

  • I lock all my girls up now, but am still worried about predators. I ordered two Nite Guards after losing two of my sweet girls and would LOVE to have a couple more! I haven't noticed any tracks or noticed anything arwy since putting them up. I also got them very quickly and with free shipping!! I feel so much more at ease now:) Thanks for this great product.

  • i tried soooo hard to win the other one a couple of weeks ago! I would LOVE to win it… we have all sorts of critters that prohibit me free ranging the ladies… the weenie dog I can leave inside 🙂 I am already a fan of both you and Night Guard on FB and an avid follower of your blog 🙂 I also commented on Night Guard's wall that you sent me over. Blessings, Mandi Miller ([email protected])

  • Hello Ladies!! I finally networked your blog, told Nite Guard you sent me and about me having to chase off a coyote just yesterday!! and although you know my blog– my email is [email protected] Thank you!!
    AKA: "Mother Cluck"

  • I could really use a Nite Guard for better sleep. I have a fox that has been visiting us at night for 2 years. When I hear it barking in the yard I go out with my red laser light cat toy to scare it off. Going to Night Guard web site to check prices. Thanks Tilly

    • Be sure to leave your name and an email address just in case you win, so that I can contact you 🙂

  • I really hope I win! I'm already a follower and I liked to the Nite Guard FB page and said you sent me. I have a question. Will it keep a stray dog away?

    • Hi Charlotte, I contacted Nite Guard and this is what they said, "As a rule the lights will not keep away domesticated animals like dogs and cats…with the exception of feral or wild dogs and cats. If the stray dog was a pet, the light probably won’t keep them away. If the stray dog is truly a wild or feral dog, then there’s a good chance it will keep them away." Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.

  • We have a big predator problem and would very much like to try Night Guard. Thank You. [email protected]

  • I just received two NiteGuards that I ordered from – and I want two more, so I would love to win one!

  • Hi Tillysnest!

    I already networked your blog. (one entry) Told Nite Guard you sent me (2 entries) AND…. this is my comment!!! *GASP* (3 entries)

  • Hi,
    I would love t win a nite guard! I am a follower of this blog, said Tilly sent me and I wrote a comment! Hope you include my 3 entries!

  • I hope you had a wonderful St. Patties Day! They look like they work well and You ain't heard a funny voice til you have heard mine, lol!

    • Thanks Clint! You are so sweet!

  • Love the Blog….I have 7 chickens myself and reading about your girls insipire me. THANK YOU!

  • I need one BAD!!! Lost 2 African geese to coyotes, a rooster and hen to a fox and just recently had 2 hens taken by hawks and a dog attack(which I managed to save that hen)!!!!!I lock them up at night but recently have been letting them free range till my gardens are in. I have 15 chickens in all but have ordered more to make up for the losses. I NEED Nite Gaurd BAD!!! I told Nite Guard that on FB. I have been a follower for a while, now. Thank you.

  • These are amazing!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • We’ve lost countless numbers of chickens and guinea hens to hawks, raccoons, owls, opossums, skunks, fox and a bobcat that just won’t go away.
    [email protected]

  • OMG! what a surprise! I really wanted one of these and amazing! You are giving one away! I did all the things you told me to do to get 3 entries. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • I would love to protect my garden, and my cats from the raccoons. Thanks for the chance. [email protected]

  • Thank you for your blog, I'm a follower. Love the educational material and pictures. Sent a hello to Night Guard and a fan that was sent by Tilly's Nest. [email protected]. Cold put Night Guard to good use we have a weasel that won't leave.

  • Anything to keep my girls save is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing

  • Possums, raccoons are invading the geese nests every night. My guineas start screaming, the geese scream, the hens wake up and they start screaming
    the neighbors wake up…I neeeed nite guard!!!
    Jackie needs sleep…[email protected]

  • Awesome! We have lots of wildlife around here! [email protected]

  • Already a follower!

  • hello, tilly's nest! thank you for all the great giveaways! i'm doing all three things to enter the contest: commenting here, leaving a "tilly's nest sent me" message on the nite guard FB page, & signing up to receive posts via emale. my address is jobunny (at) thank you! & have a great week!
    jo bunny

  • Oh what an awesome giveaway!
    Melissa @ 4Clemons at gmail dot com

  • I am also a happy follower!!!
    4Clemons at gmail dot com

  • Hello, and thanks for the opportunity to win a Niteguard for my own coop! I love how there are solar-powered ones! We have terrible raccoons and cats & local dogs too here in Seattle… my email is: [email protected]

  • Hello there Tilly's Nest,
    I love reading your blog.
    I have found that a scarecrow has been a great help, like you we have a lot of predators including eagles and various kinds of Hawks.
    Every morning I move the scarecrow to a different location to confuse the predators.
    But a Night Guard would be nice to add to our defense at night.
    Take Care,
    [email protected]

  • I would love the Night Guard. I have been wanting to try them.

  • Here in Montana, the predators are many. Mostly raccoons and bear, with the occasional fox. I would LOVE the extra protection of the Nite Guard.

  • We would love to get a Nite Guard! I am a follower of you blog, and sent Nite Guard a hello. In total I have three entries!

  • I would love a Nite Guard to keep my girls safe and sound!
    [email protected]

  • I would love to win a NIte Guard light! I follow your blog and enjoy it! I also visited Nite guard on facebook and liked their page. You can reach me via my blog! Would love to have you follow my blog, you can see my new baby chicks!
    Thanks for the entry!

  • I would LOve a Nite Guard light. I lost All 38 of my birds to a bobcat last year.So so awful.It's time to try this product!
    KATHLEEN [email protected]

  • Hey! I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your detailed information! I have been searching for months on information and your blog has been the most down to earth and helpful blog out there! I am a homeschool mom of three and have also committed to living without processed food. Raising chickens to harvest eggs is our newest adventure! Our coop and Chicks will be arriving in April. I will be referring to your site a lot!! I did all three things for the entry and would love to use this in our first coop! My email is [email protected] Thanks again!! Keep the posts coming!- Laura

  • I would love a Nite Guard light to help protect my beloved hens! Followed blog and left comment on Nite Guard FB. 3 entries. Thank you!

  • These look great, I love solar powered lights. We have solar powered white lights up around the roof of our coop but they just look pretty…
    coachjenna at hotmail dot com

  • Hi, I would sleep better at night knowing my girls have another layer of protection. I just got my first six chicks two weeks ago and am amazed at how fast they grow. I am getting to know each one of them and would be heartbroken if anything every happened to them. I love following your blogs and have learned soooo much from you. Thank you for all your time and effort, Linda [email protected]

  • Thanks for the GREAT giveaway! I would love one of these! I have three entries in total! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!

  • Joined your Page (1 entry) Liked & commented on Night Guards FB page (1 entry) and posted on your blog. (1 entry) YaY….I would love to win some Night Guard protection 🙂 [email protected]

  • I love reading your blog, I am either already a follower, or just in case I re- followed as #112. I wonder if Night Guard would also keep stray kitties out of my back yard? hmmm. I think it would also keep burglars away too, looks like a "camera on" light.
    I do not have a Blog, here is my email [email protected]
    on my way to the Night Guard site right now!

  • Would love to win this!!! Thanks!

  • This looks great would love to have one for my girls!

  • I'd love to try this product to keep my chickies safe! I'm your friend on facebook, just joined your networked blogs, and stopped by Nite Guard's fb page as well.

  • Would love to win – sounds like a great product!

  • I would love to make my girls and gents safer . My ducks wont come into the hen house. So I lock them into the covered side pen. and have not lost any more for a while. But would love to feel they are all safer.
    Lynn Crone

  • Thank you all so much for entering. This contest is now closed.

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