Bogs: Footwear for Chicken Keepers

March 10, 2012

It seems that every Spring, I purchase a new pair of boots.  A good pair of waterproof boots is essential for chicken keepers.  Whether I am in the garden or tending to the chickens, I love to slip on a pair of boots that keep my feet dry in any weather.  Come to think of it, I can’t recall any times that I am have been out in the yard working in anything other than boots.

This past Winter, we purchased a pair of Bogs for my son’s winter boots.  He is incredibly hard on all his shoes and they seem to instantly reflect an eight year old boy and his activities.  Most days, his Bogs have been his shoes of choice.  He has worn them almost everyday since Fall in the rain, snow and mud, yet they show very little wear.

I also realized this year, that I had to make some personal changes in my own life.  Living in denial, I have finally realized the seriousness of living in the Northeast with Raynaud’s Disease.  Reality set in when I lost a portion of my toe to frostbite.  My thin rubber boots and wool socks were no match for Old Man Winter.  So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover that they made Bogs for all ages and I received a pair in the mail for a product review!

For about two weeks, I have been wearing my Bogs.  When I took them out of the box, I was very impressed with the quality, workmanship and the durability.  The lower portion of the boot is rubber while the upper portion of the boot is a thick waterproof fabric.  I loved the fact that the tag hanging from the boots reminded me that they are waterproof, insulated to -40degree F temperatures, have a slip resistant sole and an antimicrobial barrier inside.  As I slid my feet into the boots, I could not believe how snug and comfortable they felt.  It was like I was wearing my slippers.  The best part, since I have been wearing them, is that my feet are warm, happy and never cold.

I find myself sometimes forgetting to change them out when I go to pick the kids up at the bus or fetch the mail.  I could wear these boots everyday.  From Agricultural to casual use, they have a boot, clog or shoe for everyone’s lifestyle.  I am a convert.  I can’t wait to wear these more as I muck around the yard, spend time with the chickens and tend to the bees.  These truly are a four season boot that I would highly recommend.

Currently, Bogs is offering free shipping and free returns to the US lower 48 States only.

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9 thoughts on “Bogs: Footwear for Chicken Keepers”

  1. I have a pair of these too. Different than yours. Mine are shorter and have a bow around them. A girl's got to be fashionable. Love that I can slip in and out of them quickly and since I'm not outside for very long, I don't even put on socks. They are TOASTY and I do love them.

    • Glad to know that you are loving them since you have had them longer than me. I saw the shorter ones and loved them too, but I figured if we had a good amount of snow, I would need the taller ones. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I bought Bogs for my neices for christmas. I swear by Muck brand boots for winters around my farm (horses and chickens and dogs and lots of long walks in the cold woods). I'll try the Bogs for myself next year, everyone I know who has them loves them.

    • Thanks DarcC for stopping in today. You are such a nice Auntie! I bet the girls loved them! I'll have to check out the Muck brand boots too. Thank you for telling me about them.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    My first time here, found you via pinterest, and glad I did,
    would love to have some chickens too, so reading your blog is very helpful (i made a link on my blog to yours in today's post), and I found two other great blogs via your links on the Country Living post.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

    • Welcome Maureen! So glad you found us. I will definitely be checking our your blog. So glad you enjoyed the fellow Blue Ribbon Bloggers, they are all quite amazing!

  4. Those boots are pretty too!

    I am learning so much through your blog! Today I learned about chicken molting (I found your post and checked on tho Internet too) – all very interesting! I am so fond of your love for your hens! 🙂
    Have a nice Sunday!


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