Blooms: The Boston Flower and Garden Show

March 29, 2012

We got in from vacation two days ago and it seems that I have so much that I want to share with everyone! We have so many wonderful things coming in the days ahead including a huge giveaway starting April 2nd. You will not want to miss! But first, we have some catching up to do.

A couple weeks ago, I made the trek to Boston for the annual flower and garden show. Over the past few years, this show has had a rocky existence. A few years back, there was no show. It was a huge disappointment to many of us who looked forward to the show each year. However, despite the struggling economy and times, I am happy that the horticultural society revived the show continues to make an effort. Gardening is timeless. It is therapeutic and always trendy. Whether it be grand or quaint, it can make a huge impact. Much of my inspiration for the Spring and Summer seasons ahead come from gardening shows.

Of course, I am always searching for chickens at these shows, because they are the heart of my garden. They are the personalities that make the garden come alive amongst it’s splendor and color. They are the humor. They are the moving composters and exterminators who flit quietly and sometimes quickly across the scene.

There were plenty of beautiful blooms.


Fun sitting areas
Gorgeous floating staircases over water
Exotic birds from Australia
Yet the only place I found chickens was in one of the lovely miniature gardens.
I did however find these adorable succulents in ceramic egg containers.
I just had to have one.
This season, I am looking forward to waking up my gardens again from their winter slumber and creating a garden just for our chickens. Here is what I did last year. The girls absolutely loved it! Even if you don’t garden, try creating a few portable container gardens for your chickens that you can introduce into the run. They take up little space and don’t require free-ranging to partake in the fun.
Update: Our sponsor, My Pet Chicken, has just announced the April 2nd giveaway that I eluded to in the first paragraph of this post! It has been so hard to keep under wraps. We are giving away a chicken coop! Click here for details and be sure to come back on April 2nd and enter to win.

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8 thoughts on “Blooms: The Boston Flower and Garden Show”

  1. Hi there!
    Carolyn Weston, Director of the Boston Flower & Garden Show here! Your blog post showed up on my Google Alerts about the show and I just wanted to let you know that we plan to have at least one lecture on chicken keeping at next year's show, March 13-17, 2013. I think its reached a level of popularity, along with beekkeeping, that we'd be remiss not to include it! If you have any speaker recommendations, please shoot me an email at

    Carolyn Weston

  2. Hello,

    Beautiful garden and love the decor and chickens you have. I just started raising a couple of chickens and love them. I was so excited when I found your web site and saw the great variety of chicks you have to offer plus supplies. I have ordered the assortment of Silkies and can hardly wait for them to arrive next week (and thank you for putting up with all my questions). I will be looking out for the contest in April, also. I am finding that I will need more room for my Silkies and for future chicks I order. Thanks so much. Deb Inman

    • Thank you so much Deb. You are just going to fall in love with those Silkies! Always happy to answer questions, as long as I have an answer. If not, happy to point folks in the right direction. So glad you are here.

  3. Good Morning,
    I love Boston 🙂 My son attended Berklee College there and we have walked most of the city. I also love your pictures, but no Mickey? Haha I'm so excited to announce that I purchased my first flock of Bantams last night on my way home from work. They had no guarantee that there weren't any roosters, which I wasn't thrilled about, but they are already showing their little individual personalities :> We had some cuddle time before I left for work this morning. Your post is my Bible right now!!
    Happy Spring 😀 Pam

    • Hi Pam! You are so sweet! How exciting too about your new babies. I am so happy for you. I'll be catching up this later this week with a post about our trip to Disney. Have a great day!


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