Spring Chickens

February 7, 2012
Spring is the time for nestling in the grass.
Tales of the Winter are told through their eyes.
Chickens are rainbows for blue and gray skies.


Exploring the yard is what they do best.


Little ones meet the dew drops of Spring.


As guardians keep watch,


New little ones are shown the way around the garden.
No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~Hal Borland

Photo Credits:  The Real Estreya, Alliecatmar, glowingelephant, kusine, mrvklaw, numstead, archeon


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15 thoughts on “Spring Chickens”

  1. I am so happy for you that you got chicks. It was so fun when me and my sister Ellie where aloud to let our chicks run around our house but we did not like it when they pooped all over. I am going to tell you my chickens names Marygold, Fuzz Ball, Lucy, Ethel, Ameila, Pixi, Ruby, Esther the nester,and Little Guy. well my sister is ready to play webkinz bye. – Taylor Brynn

  2. Very nice pics of your hens. I like your blog very much and it is THE inspiration and information source for me as we are thinking of getting us some hens this spring too.

  3. Thank you all for such sweet comments and sharing your stories. I love reading them so much! I am very much inspired by photography. Today I have shared some that are not my own. (see bottom credits) I hope you too find inspiration in them as well. Spring and its glory will be here soon.

  4. I have a question, on your last picture with the reddish brown hen and the two chicks, can you tell me what type of chicken that is. Me and my dad recently adopted a new hen and she looks similar to yours, we think she might be a mix. She has the same tail, she's much taller then our Buff Orphingtons, and has a much longer neck.


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