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Fifi is broody for the very first time.  She just celebrated her first birthday.  She has been in the nesting box for 3 days now and has plucked out all of her chest feathers. She is so adorable.  She has not quite realized that other girls are laying warm eggs in the boxes next to her.  My older, professional broody girls, Dolly, Feathers and Autumn, can roll fresh eggs from another box to their box, secretly stealing other’s eggs to make a clutch of their own.  I just love it when she lets out a quiet low growl when I open the nesting box to check for eggs.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • Awwww! Welcome to broodyhood little Silkie 🙂

    • Thanks rugosarosefarm! Great news about Persephone too 🙂

  • congratulation, I hope the hen will hatch all the eggs.

    • Unfortunately I don't let her keep them. Last year when we had our rooster, Dolly did hatch a clutch. It was great fun. Maybe next year.

  • That's so cute! She's adorable–and I love how your other chickens can roll eggs to their nest. Amazing!!

    • Thanks! The more I watch them the more I am just amazed at what they can do and how they interact. If only I could catch the egg rolling on video.

  • Anonymous

    My silkie just went broody too. I don't have any fertilized eggs for her. Poor girl. Will she eventually snap out of it? We take away the eggs daily and put her on the ground, but she protests and squats on the ground. Last year we found her some eggs and she hatched our little – now very big Becel.

    • She sure will snap out of it. Just keep collecting the eggs. It should run it's course of a few weeks. Be sure she has plenty of food and water nearby. I guess you could always get her more egg 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story!