Book Review: Free Range Chicken Gardens

February 18, 2012
A little over a week ago, I was sent a copy of Free Range Chicken Gardens to review by the publisher, Timber Press. I was so excited and could not wait to dive into this book that involved two of my favorite hobbies, gardening and chickens.
This book is wonderful. Right from the start it is clear that the author, Jessi Bloom, loves her flock and is not only incredibly knowledgeable about chickens but also about her full-time landscaping profession. She share tips and tidbits along the way that help to steer newbies away from potential pitfalls. The book covers all the bases and could easily be a place for people to start off when they are considering adding a flock to their landscape. She covers it all.
Landscape design/planting suggestions
Protecting plants and gardens from the flock
Growing worms for your flock
Poisonous Plants
Creating chicken tractor and coops
Urban and Rural chicken gardens
Introducing a dog to a flock of chickens
Chickens relating to other livestock, game birds, and bees.
Health Issues

Things I love about the book:
It is thorough and innovative.
It gives ideas and examples along the way and makes it “real” by sharing personal vignettes.
It has gorgeous photos (photographer Kate Baldwin)
It has several blueprints.
It covers yards and spaces of various sizes.
Where my opinion differs:
Feeding and encouraging your chickens to eat slugs.
This book is well-written and would be a true asset to every chicken owner. Even if you never plan on creating a garden oasis, in your backyard, you would be remiss if you did not purchase this book. If you keep a flock in your yard, large or small, this book will help you optimize your set-up for healthy happy chickens.
This book has now become one of my favorite chicken books. Thank you Timber Press!
I have not received any compensation for my review other than a copy of this book.
Photo Credit: Tilly’s Nest


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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Free Range Chicken Gardens”

  1. I just got this book too and devoured it. Loved the pics and info. Wished they talked a little more about different parts of the country—but the basic info will work anywhere.

  2. I'll have to blog on some of the things I do in my garden. Because you can have the best of both world if you set your expectations right. And come up with some creative barricades to keep the hens out of sensitive ares till they are established. I had a BLAST in the garden today with my girls. Too much work going on to take photos but maybe tomorrow I'll get some.

  3. Thank you for the review. I think this is exactly what I was looking for and I just found out that I can order it here in Austria too. We want to add some chicken to our garden (and our Family) this spring and add some more raised beds for veggies so I think this book might cover it all. A wonderful day to you.

  4. Janna H, I love that you enjoyed it so much too!

    Yes, Erin K. There are plenty of ideas including how to keep new plantings safe, safe guard existing one, set up temporary fencing, rotation of land and also training your chickens in the garden.

    Oh, Flock Mistress, do share your garden tips on your blog. I would love to learn what you do!

    Evelyn, I am so happy you stopped in, this book is a great place to start. I would order it soon, the publisher is now out of all their copies according to one of our fans!

    Thank you all for such lovely comments. I really enjoy reading them all.


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