January 4, 2012

My four year old daughter loves to play with Playmobil. Her two favorite sets are the Farm and the Vet clinic.  She puts great effort into setting up the stage to play.  She had been quiet for a while playing with the sets and I decided, like usual, to check in on how the animals were doing.

The bunnies were safely tucked inside their pen.


So were the pigs.
It made me proud to see the chicken was safely perched with the parrots.
However, as soon as I saw this, I knew something was askew.
As suspected, there was carnage in the Vet center.  Not even the poor vet could escape being locked in a guinea pig cage!
Oh to be 4 again!
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest



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22 thoughts on “Playmobil”

  1. The photos are wonderful! Your four-year-old is building wonderful memories.

    I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. For a few years we were in the egg business and had over 2,000 chickens. I remember going to the egg house on cold winter's nights with my mom and candling the eggs on a conveyer belt. Raising chickens was my dad's idea, but it seemed Mom and I did all the work. He was an accountant in Stroudsburg, but after tax season was over, he became a farmer again. I learned to appreciate these little creatures.

  2. I know SA Kim, aren't children magical! They are such great reminders of how we adults should live our lives sometimes.

    Welcome Francisco Netto!

    Glad you liked it Lauren. I just had to share!

    Thank you Elizabeth Balkir! What memories you must have from growing up! Thank you for sharing your story today with us.

  3. Very cute post! I am proud to be your newest follower. Yay!

    I have two girls (3 & 6), I completely “get it”. Babies and Barbies never keep their clothes on or hair brushed, zhu zhu pets can be found in the strangest places (just follow the squeaks) and mini my little ponies hurt when stepped on. Some days the best we can hope for is carnage in the vet center. lol Have a blessed day!


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