Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Love, Happiness and Cabbage on a String

Never far from me, Oyster Cracker
As I walked across the yard to deliver a cabbage pinata to the girls, I caught Dottie Speckles and Oyster Cracker taking a dust bath together.  There they were nuzzling their beaks as the dust and dirt was being tossed high in the air.  As I approached, they were so content that they did not budge.  Instead, they just rolled over, puffed out their feathers, and began to roll around as if it was an orchestrated show.  They would curl and straighten their legs all the while twisting and contorting their bodies into yoga poses for chickens.  I could not help but smile.
The Silkies too, continue to be the wonderful broody little ones that they are.  It is a constant struggle in their brains from day to day.  Shall I be broody?  How many days shall I allow it to last?  Will I ever get to hatch one of these eggs?  I have become content and happy to open the nesting boxes and find one of my little fluff balls growling at me. I lift their featherless chests up, harvest warm toasty eggs from underneath and praise them for being so sweet.
Everyone is laying their eggs in the nesting boxes.   The Silkies always let me know when their eggs are coming.  They sing their egg songs sometimes so loudly, that I can hear them calling out despite the closed windows of winter. Finally, no one is standing guard at the coop door anymore, regulating who and when one gets to lay their eggs.  For a while, it was a job that Sunshine was taking way too seriously!

Harmony has returned to the coop.  Between the hanging pinata and the Flock Block, the winter boredom has been busted and the pecking order, for now, is clear.  I retrieved seven eggs today; not bad for eight happy chickens in the middle of Winter. It just goes to show you sometimes it is the simple things in life, like love and cabbage on a string, that help us to find happiness.Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest

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