Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

We received word that we won Cooper Boone’s Christmas Tree contest after midnight last night.  We are so incredibly excited and thankful to so many of those who supported and voted for our family Christmas tree.

Over 30,000 visitors on Tilly’s Nest website this December
Over 370 fans on my personal Facebook page and their friends
Over 600 fans and friends of Tilly’s Nest
Personal friends and relatives
Over 200 employees and their family’s at my husband’s workplace
Countless members of our Armed Forces stationed in the US and overseas.
Co-fans from Facebook chicken pages
Co-fans from pages that we like and follow on Facebook
Twitter friends
Fellow Blue Ribbon Blogger Award Recipients
We feel so loved and blessed with all of your amazing repeated dedication and time that you took out of your days during this holiday season to support my family and all of our endeavors.  Thank you for such a fantastic Christmas gift and a wonderful way to end this whirlwind of a year for Tilly’s Nest.
Merry Christmas
~Melissa xo 


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