Giveaway: The Incredible Egg Scale

December 16, 2011

We thought that it would be fun to introduce you to our newest sponsor,, with a giveaway.  Have you ever wondered what size eggs your double yolkers would qualify for?  Have you ever wondered about your bantam eggs?  Well, wonder no more, because this amazing scale will not only answer those questions but can also help you sort your eggs.  This scale can weigh in grams and ounces and it makes a great addition to any household that enjoys chickens.  If you have never been to before, it is definitely a must visit site for chickens.  Based here in Massachusetts, everything that you need and then some is just one click away.  Here are my top 5 products from

1.  Plastic egg cartons.  This is a beautiful way to showcase the eggs that your girls lay.  With a ribbon tied around the box, this is the perfect gift filled with eggs when going over to a friend’s house for a holiday visit.  You can chose from many sizes of egg cartons and for less than a dollar. Plus the more cartons you purchase, the better your price.

2.  Dried meal worms.  These are fabulous tossed out for your girls as a treat.  They are also a great source of protein during molting.  My girls love it when I bring them freshly made oatmeal on cold mornings with meal worms sprinkled on top.  Delicious!

3.  Vitamins and Electrolytes.  Think of this as Gatorade for your chickens.  We always have two waterers in the girls living space and one of them always contains vitamins and electrolytes.  This is an easy way to boost your flock’s immune system and help booster their defenses with daily stressors.  Just a quick premeasured scoop, a quick stir and you are good to go.

4.  Egg Decoys.  Are your girls just starting to lay and not getting the eggs in the nesting boxes? Have you just  changed over to a new coop and want to encourage the girls to feel safe and lay their eggs in the nesting boxes?  Well, try placing a couple of wooden eggs in your nesting boxes.  This is an easy way to drop them a hint.

5.  The Natural History of the Chicken DVD!  I saw this last year on New Years Day.  This is one of the best movies I have ever seen about chickens.  A perfect stocking stuffer for a chicken lover who has and seen just about everything.  Two thumbs up!

Here are 5 ways you can enter to win 
The Incredible Egg Scale:

1.  You must leave a comment on this blog for entry.  Only comments here on this blog post will be accepted as an entry.  Be sure to leave an email address so that we can contact you if you do not have a blog. (1 entry)  If you are doing any of the below actions to increase your number of entries, please let us know in your comment(s).  You can earn 5 entries in this amazing giveaway!

2.  Take a visit over to and let me know what you would put on your wishlist, not including the items mentioned above. (1 entry)

3.  Becomes a fan of on Facebook (1 entry)

4.  Become a fan of Tilly’s Nest here or on Facebook (1 entry)

BONUS ENTRY:  Vote for our Christmas tree in this contest.  Scroll down past trees, fill in circle number 20-Melissa C. and then scroll down and click vote. (1 entry)

Good luck all and thank you especially for the tree votes! 
This contest ends on Friday, December 23, 2011 at 11:59pm East Coast Time.
Item ships to US addresses only.

We are also having a calendar giveaway on Facebook if you help us promote the tree contest!  Click on the link to get all the details.

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47 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Incredible Egg Scale”

  1. OMG, I was JUST looking at this thinking I had to have this. But I'm afraid my husband will leave me if I bring one more chicken shaped thing into the kitchen.

    I also love the tin Fresh Eggs signs they sell. I'm going to have to order one or two of those this spring.

    And I've been voting for your tree. I'll go vote again after I send this.

  2. I voted for your Christmas tree this morning. I already subscribe to your blog and have "liked" you on FB. I also liked eggcartons on FB and looked at their site. I like to small egg basket and the poultry carriers.

  3. I just won calendar from you, Thank You, its so pretty! So, I'm not entering this contest, but I wanted to say that I love reading your blogs and I think is a wonderful sponsor and they have lots of great stuff…I use their little plastic hex egg cartons and people always ask about them. I hadn't looked at their web site in a while and your blog made me take a peek and I saw they have Chicken Christmas Music CD… that would be fun to have to drive people nuts!

    Good Luck with the Christmas Tree Contest, I vote for you everyday because I think it would be a lifelong memory for your kids to get to cook with Cooper !

  4. We just fanned them on Facebook (under our farm Rogue Wild & my personal page Shannon Thompson)

    I'm already a fan of Tilly's Nest on both of my FB pages and I subscribe to your awesome blog!

  5. I visited EggCartons and liked them on Facebook. I put into my wish list and will be ordering the Treat Ball from them very soon. I also liked you on Facebook. And I voted for your beautiful Christmas Tree. Looks like you have lots of votes! I would love to win the egg scale. Love It!! Keep up the great blog, etc.

  6. I don't use Facebook much, so I hope I done it right. 🙂 I Liked both and Tilly's Nest, along with sharing this on my wall. I also voted for that lovely Christmas Tree. On my wish list at I have Blank White Polystyrene Foam Egg Carton, Ovotherm Glass Clear Twin 6-Egg Carton, and "The Genesis" Hovabator Incubator (one always needs a new incubator). Even though I am never really luck I figured, why not?.

  7. Jenn Nashoba writes:
    Sorry, but having trouble with posting a comment on the blog since I do not have a Google account *frown*… all after doing everything to get all 5 entries. I'm heading to bed… *sigh* Its almost 3am and I need to let "the girls" out in a few hours! I hope your tree does well, and I still wish for a Hovabator Genisis set up! LOL

    In the spirit of Christmas, I have posted her entry.

  8. Oh this would help me figure out how many of my girls eggs to use while baking! I would wish for a Little Giant Circulated Air Incubator. I already like you on facebook and I've been voting for your tree!

  9. Good Morning! I like you on Facebook, voted for your tree, On my wishlist is a Hova-bator Incubator – NO WAIT!!!, its on my NEED list! LOL
    I've also been a fan of for some time now. And I love your blog even tho I dont comment often, I'm commenting now, I do believe that gives me 5 entries??? Keep spreading the love of chickens to the world!!!!
    Rachel Blanton!

  10. I'm loving the clear hexagon egg cartons… the ones that hold the half dozen eggs. I think I'm going to buy them! That is the perfect way to give out just a few eggs at a time. Until I have more chickens and we are producing more eggs, I won't be giving away more than a few at a time. I'm a little selfish like that! I LOVE my fresh eggs!!

  11. Have been a fan of Tilly's Nest for a while now and enjoy your stories very much. I have purchased products from Egg Cartons before and went there today and added to my wish list. The red glass rooster dish is beautiful! I will head out next to again vote for your Christmas tree in the contest. May you and your family have a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. McClains Crazy Aces Farm at

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