Chickens Seasonal Care Stories from Our Nest

First Snow

We received a dusting of snow in the early hours of morning.  As I went out to the coop, there was one of the Buff Orpingtons eagerly awaiting my arrival.  When I opened the nesting box lid, Dottie Speckles was waiting in the wings.  She had never seen snow before in her life.


As I opened up the nesting boxes, she craned her neck outside to see the white stuff falling from the sky.  She cocked her head side to side to try and understand.  She even pecked at the flakes that had accumulated on the side of the nesting box roof.   She must have enjoyed it, because she kept pecking.  The scene to my right was no different.



Once again, Mother Nature had shared her gift of snow with the flock.
 Like last year, they remain mesmerized, just like the kids.
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