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Looking for bugs

Bugs.  Tiny little jumping and flying bugs are all over the coop.  They walk about on the cedar shakes of the coop roof and as I go to pinch them, they jump.  They jump like popcorn.  These tiny little bugs are everywhere.  What are they, I have no idea, but after a few moments out there yesterday morning, I already had the heebie jeebies.  I grabbed the food grade diatomaceous earth, held my breath and began to blast the bugs with the pest pistol.  DE filled the air, my hair and my clothes.  I removed myself from the coop area and I waited until the dust settled.  I went inside, continued to get the kids ready for school and showered.

A little later in the morning, I returned to the coop.  A few bug were still exploring the outside of the coop.  I brushed them off and they popped away like impatiens’ seed pod I used to pop as a child.  I looked inside the coop and saw no evidence of bugs.  The chickens were unfazed as well.  However, these little visitors were really starting to bug me!  I grabbed the poultry protector and sprayed down the entire coop and run.  Finally by the end of they day, they were no where to be seen.

This morning, I woke up and went out to the coop.  The bugs had returned.  I blasted them with poultry protector again.  later in the day, I asked the lady at the feed store about the little flying things.  She had no idea but thought that they could have just blown in from somewhere.  I took no chances.  I bought two more bottles of poultry protector while I was there.  I have no idea about these little bugs.  I can’t be sure of what they are or where they originate.  I just know that I do not want them bugging the girls.  This is the first time I have ever had this sort of thing happen with the coop and the chickens.  Bugs certainly have their place in this great big world of ours, just not near our coop.  Perhaps, whatever blew them in for this visit will blow them onto their next destination this week.  A girl can dream…

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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