Yoga for Chickens aka: Dustbathing

November 10, 2011

Sometimes words can’t explain what goes on around here.

I have no idea why Oyster Cracker decided to climb on top of Tilly and start scratching.  I can tell you that Oyster Cracker and Sunshine are not taking dust baths during their molts.  I am not sure why, but I have heard that the new feathers can be sometimes painful if they are moved or touched the wrong way.  Maybe this has something to do with it.  Tilly finished her molt last week and was happy to enjoy her dust bath along with Autumn and Feathers a few feet away.  I love it when the chickens go into trance like states and I find their bodies in yogalike stances.


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4 thoughts on “Yoga for Chickens aka: Dustbathing”

  1. Melissa, that is so funny that you have a video of dustbathing…I've been taking video of mine doing the same for two days now! Maybe it's the warm weather winding down, but they are dust bathing like crazy! Hope all is well. Aimee

  2. My little Buff Or. was also caught dust bathing just the other day. I took pictures and I think I even took video it. I'll have to check my camera for sure! That is funny!

    Chickens…to me they are
    "Curiouser and curiouser,Alice" …I so enjoy my new chickens.
    ~ Pat

  3. Great minds must think alike, crafty farm girl! I was surprised I got it. Usually the girls stop what they are doing when they see me and run right over. This day, I guess it just felt too good!

  4. I am so happy you are enjoying your flock Corn in my Coffee-Pot! Love the Alice quote. I know exactly what she means and I love that you have associated it with the chickens. It is absolutely perfect!


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