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November 19, 2011
Today, I wanted to share with you things that make me smile.  I love collecting neat chicken ideas and pictures along the way that are inspirational as well as beautiful.  Here are a few of my recent favorites that I have discovered on Pinterest.  
Snow birds

Spring has sprung

A quiet stolen moment of affection

Like puppies waiting at the gate for their master

The early birds getting the worms

Roosting on a homemade tee-pee

Living in an old dresser
What inspires you?
Photo Credits:  Pinterest.


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5 thoughts on “Daily Inspirations”

  1. Oh those are such cool pictures!
    I would love to peek in those drawers…ha! That dresser is a neat idea.
    That gate with the chicks waiting;reminds me of our chickens here; and that picture of the "early birds" incredible!

    Hmmm…what inspires me? Tilly's Nest! I have enjoyed coming here and reading all about your chickens and your own chicken experiences…glad I found your blog a few weeks back.


  2. Thank you Pat! I am inspired by sweet comments like yours. It makes me feel good knowing that people are enjoying their time here!

    I too wonder what the inside of the dresser looks like. I wonder if they are nesting in a divided drawer and then you can just pull it out and collect the eggs! Love that!

  3. Hi. First, let me tell you about "Our Girls" we have 5 Barred Rock hens, they just started laying last week. My personal favorite is Pecky, she is the runt and she's very sweet.
    We live in Hyannis. We re-homed our rooster because of the bylaws stating roosters had to be muzzled. We just did not feel our neighbors would be happy about crowing.
    I do have a question for you about the picture you posted with the white painted dresser turned roost [or nesting box?] I would think the chickens would peck at the paint and ingest it, thus tainting your eggs with paint chemicals.
    It's just a thought…
    And I looked at the pictures of your fenced chicken yard, I like that you covered the corners with PVC. Are the sides painted wood or vinyl? Again, I have an issue [fear] concerning the paint/chemicals.
    I would like to add that your chickens appear to be healthy and happy. And congrats on winning your award.

  4. Hi HalfCenturyMark! Welcome. The picture of the dresser chicken coop is not mine, it is from http://www.pinterest.com. I do agree, paint can be a concern. My coop is painted. As long as the paint is kept in good shape the chickens will not bother with it. I spoil them with goodies.

    I am very familiar with the rooster laws in the town of Barnstable. Roosters are not always easy to keep quiet even with our best efforts. We are lucky though that the town allows anyone to keep chickens and one rooster no matter what the size of your property.

    I bet your girls are beautiful! Don't you love getting the eggs? Pecky sounds like a real sweetheart. I am so glad that you are enjoying your flock. Warm regards~Melissa

  5. Hi, I'm a new chicken owner, and when I first saw them having a dust bath I laughed my head off! It's so funny to see the playing around in the dirt.Sometimes my chickens push each other out of the holes they have dug


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