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Costumed Eggs

Halloween preparations took up most of the day along with a few errands.  When I went to grab the kids a snack after school, I noticed that Tilly’s egg was shrouded by a dainty Silkie feather.  It was as though it had its own Halloween costume.  It was beautiful.  So pretty, that I snapped this photo inside of the fridge.

Happy Halloween
from Tilly’s Nest.
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • Yes, it really is pretty. An extra little gift to go along with the delicious eggs.

  • Hope Halloween was fun out your way. Our trick or treating is postponed till Friday. We still have downed lines and too many people without power. And I would love for you to visit our coop! Any time you are on the Pike and have extra time. We are about 20 minutes from the 146 exit.

  • Thank you Ladies. We had a nice Halloween, surprisingly quiet. Sounds great the cake chick we can set a date once life and power returns to normal for you and your family. I hope your power returns soon!

  • How sweet! We are still patiently waiting on eggs here. 🙂 Helena

  • Thank you Helena! How old are your girls now? I can't wait to hear that they are laying!