Boston Poultry Expo

November 7, 2011

I had never been to a poultry show before and I was incredibly excited to attend one.  The Boston Poultry Expo was located west of Boston, closer to Worcester, Massachusetts.  With my directions in hand, I exited off the Mass Pike and twisted along on Ennis Road;  fresh with New England scenery.  I soon arrived at Four Wind Farms.  As I entered the exhibit hall, I was greeted by a large ice sculpture.  Upon it sat eggs, that the exhibit birds had laid earlier that morning.

The exhibit hall was full of tables set in rows with numerous cages resting on top.  Each cage had it’s own small feed and water cup with pine shavings on the floor.  The poultry transportation cages were tucked neatly underneath the exhibit tables.


I am not entirely sure why I assumed that a poultry show would not be noisy. Perhaps, these birds were somehow refined.  On the contrary, it was very noisy!  Roosters, ducks and turkeys continually called out and letting their presence be known.  Amazingly gorgeous birds were everywhere.

The judges took their time.  Hours upon hours they inspected the birds both visually and physically.  Some decisions seemed straightforward and other too complex for this novice to understand.  The judge on the right has been raising poultry for most of his life.

There was a lovely award ceremony at the end which included trophies and cash prizes. 

Soon enough, it was time to pack up everyone and say goodbye.

I had a wonderful time at my first poultry show.  I loved seeing new breeds and meeting fellow chicken lovers and breeders.  However, my favorite part was meeting the children and hearing about their chickens.  I complimented one mother on her daughter’s behavior and enthusiasm for the show.  She told me that her daughter had a difficult time finding her niche.  A few years back at a show, they met Jan Brett, the childrens’ author, who raises and shows chickens.  She had introduced them to keeping and showing chickens.  Jan had served as an inspiration to this little girl and made a huge difference in her life.  Today, this little girl has many chickens.  Raising and showing them has become her niche. I am a firm believer that animals can be magical, especially chickens.
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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10 thoughts on “Boston Poultry Expo”

  1. Hi Melissa! Boy, you had a big week! Blogging awards and poultry shows! How fun. That looks like a terrific show. I love to go to those, but am always disappointed if I don't get to come home with some new friends. Sometimes there aren't any chickens for sale at them, and that is always disappointing! Aimee

  2. Hey there Aimee! Yes they did have poultry for sale outside but I had to resist!!! Not to mention they had the most ADORABLE dwarf bunnies. My heart melted! Glad you stopped by, maybe next time we can go to a show together?!

  3. I remember when I was going to my first Poultry Show. I asked someone how I would find the exhibition building that the poultry was in and he just laughed and said I would have no problem finding it …. just follow the sound of the Roosters.

  4. rugosarosefarm, I am so glad I did not know that all those wonderful things were out in the parking lot for sale until close to the end of the show! My kids would have loved me for it, but not sure where I would put them all!

  5. I am sorry to have missed this show. I went to the NE Poultry Congress in Springfield though. It was my first ever show and I had a great time! When is the Boston Poultry show held?


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