Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards: Getting There

November 4, 2011

I received a quiet email earlier this month notifying me that I was selected as winner in the First Annual Country Living Magazine’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.  I was overcome with emotions; elation, shock, disbelief and pride.  Out of over 700 blogs, Tilly’s Nest was being recognized in the “pet” category as the best by the judges.  The judges, themselves, are all accomplished individuals with wonderful credentials and blogs to match.  I felt incredibly honored.  I also was ecstatic that I would be making the trip to New York City to receive my award.  As the weeks went by, I promised to keep this news secret.  It was so difficult to only tell my husband and the Grandmas who would be babysitting the kids.  I felt like a bubble ready to burst, but I was bound to keep this secret not wanting to jeopardize my award.

November second arrived.  I caught an early 5:20am bus from Cape Cod to the Boston airport.  My trip was arranged by Country Living Magazine, including my flight, car transportation and the hotel.   I felt like a princess about to partake in a royal adventure.  I had my backyard chickens to thank!   If only I could let Tilly and the girls know.  I arrived in Manhattan mid-morning.  The driver took me to the Dream Hotel.  It was beautiful!


I was quickly checked in and was presented with a glossy white Magnolia Bakery box and a card tied up with a blue ribbon.  Once settled in my room, I plopped myself on the bed and took a moment, to take it all in.  I untied the ribbon and read the card and  inside discovered two exquisite cupcakes. One was red velvet and the other was chocolate.

My husband met me down in the city.  The award ceremony was not until the following day, so we went on our own walking tour of the city.  We had lunch at this lovely little French cafe just outside the hotel lobby.

We then journeyed over to Times Square and Rockefeller Center.


Of course, I discovered some beautiful pigeons, like this one.
As the sun was beginning to set, we strolled in Central Park.


It was a wonderful ending to the perfect day.   I could not wait until the award ceremony on the following day.  I too had been kept in the dark about the other winners.  Soon enough, I would find out who else had been keeping this exciting secret.
To be continued tomorrow….
Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest


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11 thoughts on “Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards: Getting There”

  1. I can't think of anyone more deserving! I look forward to your blogs every day…

    Congratulations on your award !

    Wow, it looks like they took really good care of you up there – what a hotel and trip!

  2. Awe, Congratulations. You inspire me every day to do more, blog more, spend more time w/ the hens. I get such grief from my co-workers sometimes about having chickens for pets but when I read stuff like this, I think Nope, I'm on the right path here.

  3. I'm fairly new to your blog, but have already found it incredibly helpful., as I'm also new to backyard chickens. Congratulations on your win and trip to NYC! I love the city and like you, I appreciate the beauty of pigeons and many other things that New Yorkers probably hate! 🙂


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