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The Big Eggs Return

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The big girls have resumed laying eggs. Over the past few months, I watched as the molting increased, the eggs slowly tapered off.  Up until last week, I was discovering two eggs per day. Then all of a sudden, yesterday the girls presented me with five. The most amazing thing is that two of them were colored a deep dark brown. Tilly usually lays those. It is a new mystery who laid those sweet eggs I found together in the same box. In addition, the light brown ones have returned as well. These are the ones that take up my entire hand as I carry then into the house.

The eggs are gifts, all unique in shape, color, size and identical in taste. I consider us lucky. All the girls have resumed laying and all the while I never had to purchase eggs from the grocer. I guess I owe that to the fact that the Silkies were busy laying eggs for their broody clutches while the big girls were molting.  Who ever thought that I would depend on a Silkie for their eggs!?
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • Woohoo! 😀

  • Beautiful! Our girls just started laying. The oldest hen (almost 29 weeks) started 2 weeks ago…and now we're getting eggs from another (who's almost 25 weeks). So exciting!

  • Congratulations! I too feel the elation of getting eggs from my hens. Been keeping chickens since 2000, and bringing in eggs is always a blessing, but when they start after a molt, or more exciting even for the first time, it is like I am so proud, you would think I layed it myself! Ha ha!!!

  • Thank you rugosarosefarm! I am so happy for you and your henny girls Our Side of the Mountain! I could not agree more Little Susie Homemaker. Well said 🙂