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The Best Part of Keeping Chickens

I asked a simple question of friends who keep chickens today.  I asked them to fill in the blank.  Here is what they had to say.

The best part of keeping chickens is… 

…the happiness my family and I share raising them. Not to mention the eggs!

… all of it..even cleaning the coop..they’re great companions
… being able to KNOW what I’m eating!!

… hearing them bawk bawk bawk when I walk out the door… I just love the way they sound when they are all riled up!

…The love. And the eggs.

…It’s all fun, the planning, the building, daily chores, the egg collecting, the way they meet you at the gate every time you go there

… talking to em, watching them interact with you and each other

… they make me happy…eggs are a bonus, and also, they keep the grass trimmed!!!
…A stress reliever. They make me laugh when I’m feeling down and smile when thing get better.

… The fun and eggs

… endless joy and warm fuzzies :))

… Farm Fresh Eggs!

…The entertainment and eggs!

… Watching them scurry across the yard… is there anything more hilarious that a chicken on the run!

… The cuteness! Love to watch them go about their busy little days.

…The eggs!
… They’re entertaining AND give me fresh eggs.

… Watching them run to the back door when they hear that somebody is about, and that likely means scraps !

I loved that their thoughts and responses mirrored my own. I loved the fact that even though some of us are far apart from one another, we are all experiencing life with chickens in many of the same ways.  Thank you friends for sharing what you love about your chickens with me!

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Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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