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October 22, 2011
Playing with the babies

Yesterday, I had to have the internet connection inspected by the cable company.  For some reason, the cable was dropping out intermittently, causing me major grief.  Amazingly, the technician showed up on time and closer to the beginning of the appointment window than the end.  I was impressed.  I was also very happy that he was able to correct the problem.

Like most visitors, he noticed the chickens.  He was interested, so I went into my quick “chicken infomercial” mode and we spent time talking about the girls.  We talked about what they eat, housing and predators.  We discussed the ease of keeping chickens and he was thrilled about the possibility of having a flock of his own.

Keeping chickens is not difficult.  Some say that they had never thought of keeping chickens as pets.   Their upkeep exists somewhere between keeping a cat and a dog.  For the most part, given food and shelter, they are pretty self sufficient.  A couple of times during the day, you will need to check for eggs.  They are incredibly social animals.  They make for wonderful learning opportunities with children and are fabulous conversation starters. You can do it.  It’s easy and here is a great place to start.  The rest can be found here.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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