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October 24, 2011
Fall Perennial Garden

I had been talking to a fellow blogger about my ideas about the future of Tilly’s Nest.  We shared ideas with one another, provided feedback and support.  Well the time has come to introduce an idea that I shared with her.  She loved it and I think you will too.

Our run

As you know, chicken coops and chickens can be addictive to say the least!  People love to see and share their coop, flock and technique that make their life easier in keeping a small backyard flock.  So, from now until the end of December, you can link up stories about your flock, pictures of you coops, share your ideas and so much more.  As long as we are talking about backyard chickens, feel free to share away!  I can’t wait to meet and greet you and your chickens.

Coop and Run
3 nesting boxes, small feeder and roosts
Hanging waterer

So tell us about your coop now in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Now You Show Us Yours”

  1. Your coop is a perfect example of how one can have a small flock of their own with out letting it take over any one section of the yard. I really enjoyed seeing yours in person and meeting Tilly and the girls too over the summer! You've done a wonderful job with your first flock and you share such good and useful information through your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your blog! It is an absolute DREAM of mine to have a coop like this for my sweet girls 🙂 Did you build it yourself or did you purchase it? I excitedly showed your pictures to my husband and he is adamant that he can build it himself, but you never know 😉 Anyways, your girls are beautiful! My favorite hen is a gold cochin, Goldie, and she is the light of our lives! She is the only chicken who sleeps next to our front door at night to wait for me in the morning! I love her.

    I would love to know more about your coop! Forgive me if you get asked about it a whole bunch, I will have to peruse your blog a bit more to find out 🙂

    Happy New Years!

  3. Hi Tilly's Nest,

    I have a few questions about your coop: It looks like you keep mulch underneath your coop and run. If so, what kind is it? Is it hard to keep clean and does the mulch get in the way of the girls getting their scratch and other treats in their run? How frequently do you need to re-mulch?


    • Hi Sara, I do not mulch it, actually what I think you are seeing are the soiled pine shavings that I toss into the run after I clean out the coop. From time to time, I do rake it about once a week. Once a season, I pull the run away from the coop and remove the excess compost that the girls create for me and let it cure for a few months before I put it in the gardens. The girls have no problems finding treats or scratch in their run. In fact, they have great fun scratching around looking for them. Thanks for the questions!

  4. I use to keep quails and chickens but now just chooks. My two baby pekins are currently living in a large home-made box sort of house with the guinea pigs. I always worry about them being over-crowded now that they’re getting bigger everyday so have ordered a large coop to come for them. My previous flock stay in the shed. The chooks get let out at 8:30 to free-range until they go back to roost at 7pm. So all day free-ranging, yay!

  5. Ok. I’ll tell you guys about my chicken coop.My chicken coop is 3-4 feet long, and 1-2 feet wide. The entire run is filled with dirty old shavings and lots and lots of chicken poop. And the nesting box is made for 1 chicken. And the coop is made for 3 chickens. Perfect for my flock of 3. The feeder and waterer is near the nesting boxes. And it’s taking forever for my chickens to lay eggs. They come out the coop and into the run at 8:30am and come in to sleep at 6:45. And I still remember that once I got chicken poop sprayed all over my face when I was cleaning the coop.


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