Missing A Friend

October 13, 2011
My heart was heavy today.  For some reason, I was thinking about Chocolate, the rooster that we rehomed this past Spring. I think a lot about him and see memories of him, like old movies scrolling through my mind.  I can still remember how it felt to hold him, his wiry neck feathers and his strong feathered feet.  His warm comb against my cheek.  I wonder if he is happy?  Does his family love him as much as I did?  Is he spoiled?  Is he alive?  Does he remember me?  Does he miss his old girls?

I used to have to hold him like a baby on his back and remind him who was the “boss”.


He was a gorgeous fellow that looked out so carefully for his girls.  We just could not keep him, as he took his job too seriously.  I waffled with the decision for months.  I did my best to keep him.   My experiences with Chocolate made me realize how much I truly do love these chickens as my pets.  I don’t think,even though I have tried, I will or could ever forget.

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14 thoughts on “Missing A Friend”

  1. I'm sure he's fine. I can somewhat relate. We gave 4 pullets to a friend when they were about 12 weeks old. It was an agreement when we ordered the chicks. There was a 15 bird minimum and we didn't need that many. We lost some just after transit (they were shipped during a spring snowstorm). It was difficult to pick which ones would go to their new home. I always go visit the girls whenever we go out visit our friends. Which isn't all that often. Even though they look like my birds they have different personalities.

  2. I remember reading your blogs about Chocolate. I was cheering him on hoping he would calm down. I cried so hard when you had to take him to his new home. I had to re-home my boys and it broke my heart. I think the Roos are so much fun and are so entertaining that they are easy to get attached to!

  3. Oh, I know what you mean. I had to give away a bully hen nearly two weeks ago and I do still miss her. My husband asked me last night when we could go visit her. ACK! I don't want to be a stalker but I'm tempted to give her new owners a ring to see if we can come visit.

  4. I think about all the chickens I have lost or rehomed :} They are all little pets and family members….the nice ones anyway :} Silkies are cute no matter if the are roosters or hens. He was a pretty boy!

  5. Yeah… lol roosters are always shaking things up. Out of our 28 chickens, 20 are roosters. Horrible ratio.. so they free range to minimize trouble.

    I just can't bring myself to flip them over like that knowing it causes them difficulty with breathing. I do have to pick up one certain fellow (a RIR named McGinty).. daily.. repeatedly.. but his issues are not with people, but with SHOES!!!!! Barefoot he's an angel.. shoes on and he's not right in the head. I hold him like a football and get the mail lol.

    A neighbor showed me how to move my hand over his head by his crown and put him to sleep.

    I hand feed them all treats. They're spoiled rotten, but most of them are incredibly sweet. Only 2 RIR actually will peck you, but they won't when you pick them up.

  6. Thank you April Heritage. I agree, Silkies are pretty adorable 🙂

    Oh my goodness Anne! You are a special gal to keep all those roos! Love the story and I cannot even imagine…Thank you for sharing!

  7. I can't keep them all 🙁 I wish, but not possible. I no doubt will figure out a way to keep more than I should, but the others will be for meals. They've been allowed to eat what they please, lay in the sunshine, chase bugs, find treats I hide all over the area for them and live the life I wish store bought chickens could have.

    It is very hard to rehome any this time of year. Many of the farms are thinning their flocks due to hard times and a huge increase in the price of feed.

  8. Anne, I think it is wonderful that they have been allowed to be happy roosters and live normal cage free chicken lives. My heart goes out to you on your upcoming decisions. Many of our followers I am sure can relate. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Thanks Yolanda. I feel terrible that you too have to make some tough decisions. I try and take comfort in knowing that most of us have been there and can understand what you are faced with.

  9. My little white Coturnix quail passed away last year and I still think of her everyday. She was my best little pet! No one will ever replace her unfortunately. When my quails pass away I usually go out and buy some more but I stopped keeping quail after poor Mushroom passed away.


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