In the Name of Love

October 3, 2011


You love them so as much as I
Simply put, they are our pets
Like the family dog and cat
They all have names;
Puff, Fluff, Sparkle, Shaniqua, Ray, Mr. Big Stuff, Lanie, Silver, Fudge, Snow Whites number 1-4
Living in the Nuthouse~Butternut, Coconut, Honeynut, Peanut, Nutcracker (head hen)
Yoda, Obi-Wan, Miss Fancy Feathers, Chicken Little, Ginger
Rockettes, Chickpeas, Wyonnia Wyonette, Elvira, Spots, Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon, Coffee Bean, Nick
Peanut, Pumpkin, Pickles, Peppers, Peaches, Hayley, Helen, Hazel, Hanna, Harriet, Henny Penny, Pistol Pete
Ruby, Checkers, Goldie, Melba, Billie Jean, Roxanne, Fern, Piper
Momma, Honey, Rosie, Snowball
Daisy, Daphne, Big Red, Gladis
Gerty, Rhonda, Tati, Betty, Kim, Lefty, Claire, Scarlett, Pru, Aubry, Tilly, Leslie, Gwen, Sylvie
Cock a doodle
Popcorn, Sprinkles, Dotty, Baby~aka Chicken Nugget
Amelia, Henrietta, Georgia, Penny, Patty, Ruby, Riley, Buffy, Bonnie
The Spice Girls~Ginger, Coco, Pumpkin, Poppy
Mittens, Milky, Rainbow, Rosie, DSK
Mrs. Threadgood, Evelyn, Ruth, Issie, Smokey Lonesome, Feathers, Blanche, Eva, Estelle, Honary, Aroar
Jack, Gerdie, Bojangles, Penny, Maybelline, Henrietta, Cheepie
Sassy, Sadie, Dixie, Daisy, Rosie
Snooki, Gaga, Oreo and Dilly-Pearl, Butter, Angel, SkullCrusher, ShinerBock, Logan, Smidge, Nate-Nate, Ashes
Peanut, Chocolate, Tilly, Oyster Cracker, Sunshine, Dolly, Autumn, Meesha, Feathers, Fifi, Dottie Speckles, Percy Peepers
These brought many smiles to my face
Some will never understand
how we feel about our chickens.
Thank you friends for sharing these all on our Facebook page today!
Photo Credit:  4J Photography


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