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October 27, 2011
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Earlier this month, the world celebrated World Egg Day.  This got me to thinking. Why aren’t we celebrating the chicken?  So easily overlooked by many, it seems fitting to draw attention to these amazing animals.  Chickens not only deliver fresh delicious eggs to our door, but they also make fantastic pets.  They are capable of emotions and bring much joy to my family on so many levels.  I felt that there ought to be a day celebrating the backyard chicken.

During the entire day on November 5th, Hug a Chicken Day™,  people across the globe will be hugging and posting their pictures to this Facebook event.  On this day, please take the time to honor your chickens for all that they provide to your family and the world.  I hope to be joined by fellow chicken keepers in saying thank you.  All are welcome to attend and celebrate.  Last, but not least, mark your calendars.  I think this one might just set some sort of world record.

Please visit this link to Hug a Chicken Day™ on Backyard Chickens.  Feel free to post on here too.

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15 thoughts on “Hug a Chicken Day™”

  1. I find myself miles from home and away from the chicken coop as I am reading this, so I have deputized some friends to hug my dear Bitey Albertina on my behalf until I can get there for some cuddling myself.

    Gosh, I hope they think to wear aprons!

  2. Will be hugging Gladys today. She will run right up to me and loves to be held. She is 18 months old and one of 20 in the first family of hens we made part of our family last year. In June this year we adopted 17 more from a rescue after a local farmer passed away. We have two hen houses where they sleep at night but they all share the same large protected fenced area and on weekends when we are home all day they all roam around our little farm property.

  3. this is awesome! I love the picture too! I have a hen who is broody right now and not laying. and i said to my little girl it was because she wasn't getting enough love from us lol she needsd at least a hug a day ;0)

  4. Chickens really are the best pet. Easy to keep, loving, and free eggs!I also have kept chickens on the Cape in Pocasset! I've kept chickens there since I was 13 years old, I'm currently 19. Unfortunatley I had to give them to a friend because I left for college this year. I miss them so much, and seeing your pictures brings back so many great memories. Someday, I'll get chickens again. Great Blog!

  5. So glad you stopped in Jonathan. What a small world. Maybe you will even get a chance to keep some in college. As you know they don't need much space and I bet your roommate would love the fresh eggs.

  6. AAHH! What a great idea!! Thanks so much for posting this!! I'm going to post a link on our blog back to this page so our followers and friends can participate! Our chickens are a HUGE part of our family, this is fantastic! 🙂 My kids like to sit in the run and be overtaken by chickens 😉 but it will be fun to photograph and make it "official"


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