Hancock Shaker Village

October 21, 2011


Memorable Moment
April 28,2008
Hancock Shaker Village

Pittsfield, MassachusettsEvery Spring we make an annual trip to Hancock Shaker Village to see the baby farm animals.  There are flocks of chickens and turkeys that free range during the day and intermingle among the guests.  These were two hens that we met on that day.  This was the first day that I thought it could be possible to keep a flock of our own.  When did you realize that keeping a backyard flock could be a reality for you?

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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7 thoughts on “Hancock Shaker Village”

  1. Oh, I remember that day well. We went to a BBQ at a friend's house who had four hens in a small area of her backyard. I looked at that and thought, well shoot, I can do that! And the ball was in play and I never looked back.

  2. When I visited the CSA farm and saw the chickens I was getting my eggs from and I thought how cool it would be to have chickens and my own eggs. Then about a year ago a nearby city passed an ordinance to allow chickens so we called our city hall and learned that there is no ordinance at all. We talked to our neighbors and they had no objections and the ball started rolling.

  3. I just read a post of someone in a rural area nearby who raised a baby emu with her flock of chickens and now it’s fully grown and is so protective over them! It attacks any predators that harm the chooks and it’s careful to not step on the little bantams! My two new pekin chicks are currently being raised with guinea pigs and it’s amazing how they interact like a flock together! The guinea pigs and pekins follow each over around the garden (as they free-range). We don’t get much predators here apart from a butcher bird but it’s more interested in the canaries housed in the aviary outside 🙂


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