Good Morning Sunshine

October 19, 2011

It was dark and gloomy this morning.  Rain was surely coming.  I was out at 7am and there was a damp chill in the air.  I decided to cover the run with its plastic cover so that the girls would be able to stay dry outside despite the rainy forecast.  After I covered the run, I opened the coop door for the girls to run out and greet the day.  Out they popped one by one, in search of scratch that was freshly strewn.  Usually, this is the perfect opportunity for me to do the daily upkeep in the coop without any curious visitors.  As I opened up the nesting box lid, this is who greeted me looking for love this morning.

Curious as ever, Sunshine poked her head out of the nesting box as I refilled the waterer and feeder.  Cautiously, she stayed in the box and conversed with me as I attended to their needs.  She cocked her head from side to side, perhaps looking for hawks or taking in the view from a different perspective.  It was a sweet surprise to spend one on one time with our own Sunshine on such a gloomy morning.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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4 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine”

  1. Awww, I can so understand!
    She looks like my Margarette Anne!
    Did you make you nesting boxes? I haven't gotten around to making mine yet, and the girls have been laying in 2 boxes that I have had around for many years…One is over 50 years old and I need to replace it…I have found on many occasions 2 girls nesting at the same time! and the other box is empty!
    So that is my plan to make up 2 new ones….that is why I ask!

  2. I love the morning in the coop. Once the pop doors are open, they go flying out, then back in, then out. They are so funny in their morning routine. I can't believe how much rain we have gotten.

  3. Melissa, I did not build my own. They hang outside of the coop for easy access. In the meantime, try using a regular basket filled with straw and shavings. They might start to lay. Also, check out these creative boxes:

    Cake chick! I'm so glad that you have mornings like we do! Even on early days when I am grumpy, I can't help but smile.

    Thank you Lauren. Your comment means so much to me, as I love your blog entries too 🙂


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