A Little Gift

September 16, 2011

I visited the girls today before we left on our week long trip.  Like most days this week, I discovered that they had dug two large dust bathing holes in the run.  As I admired their work, deep in one of the holes was a tiny egg.  I gently grabbed a rake and as the girls watched, I slowly pulled the egg to me.  It was incredibly tiny with small streaks of blood. This meant it was the first egg for someone.  My guess is that it belonged to Fifi.  Sometimes hens become confused when they lay their first egg.  Sometimes they are caught off guard and the egg plops out of their bodies.  It can even happen when they are sleeping!  

If this was Fifi’s egg, I hope that she will make it to the nesting boxes next time.  I can’t even imagine the chatter in the run that occurred as the other girls watched Fifi lay an egg where they bathe.  I suppose, the deep hole looked to her like a nest. 
We are leaving tonight on our trip.  We will be away, but have a fantastic week planned for you- A Week in Photos.  Please check in everyday to see new pictures from Tilly’s Nest.  We hope you enjoy them.
Have a great week!~Melissa


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