Happy Anniversary

September 15, 2011
Tilly and I

I leave tomorrow evening on a surprise trip from my husband.  We are going to the Carribean for an entire week, without kids, to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I am unbelievably excited and a little nervous to be away from my kids, both human and feathered.  This will be the longest I will have ever been away from them.

I have spent the last few days, trying to get all the last minute errands done; laundry, writing down instructions and calling in some favors from friends.  Although exhausting, it has proven a great distraction from the other thing that is occupying my mind, Country Living Magazine’s Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards.  Tomorrow, we find out if we have won either the editor’s choice or the reader’s choice category.  I am nervous, hopeful and optimistic.

Today, I prepared the girls’ coop, run and supplies for the chicken babysitter.  I thoroughly cleaned the coop.  I even removed the cobwebs from high up in the rafters.  As half my body was in the coop, I heard a knock on the closed coop door from one of the chickens.  I asked, “Who is it?”  Usually, no one answers.  Today, Tilly answered me in her best little chicken sentence.  I smiled.  For a brief moment, she made me forget that scrolling checklist that kept playing through my mind of all the things that I still needed to accomplish.

Even though I’ll be away, life will continue here at home as it always does.  The chickens will be chickens and the kids will be kids.  The magazine will announce its winners.  Dinners will be shared at the kitchen table.  Eggs will be laid.  My oldest will procrastinate about his homework.  Soccer games will have a winner.  I am glad to share my children and my chickens with family members who are watching the kids.  For me, the best memories I have with my family are those made on just ordinary days.  I hope they are able to make some while I am away.  I can’t wait to hear about their week and yours when we return.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary.
    Have a wonderful vacation….I know you will.
    I'll miss your blog entries and look forward to your return and to hear all you've seen and done!
    Best regards

  2. Thank you From Beyond My Kitchen Window and Maryann. You are both so sweet! I have set up some photos to automatically post while I am a way that are new for Tilly's Nest. I think you will enjoy. Feel free to comment on them. I can't wait to see what your thoughts are. Hugs to you both!~Melissa

  3. A friend just told me about your blog. We hope to move to the English countryside in a few months with a future of a few pet chickens (we live in the city now). So excited to have found your blog filled with chicken goodness 🙂 XOLaura


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