Chicken Toy

September 10, 2011


Last week, I put my usual order in at Treats for Chickens.  I decided it would be fun to purchase a chicken toy for the girls.  I figured that this might help beat the winter boredom that flocks sometimes can experience.   There is not much to do when a thick layer of snow covers the ground.  Bored birds can begin to become destructive.  This includes pecking and eating their eggs and pecking at each other, leading to feather loss and bleeding wounds.  The chickens were introduced to the chicken toy, filled with organic wheat seeds, for the first time today.  Although they’re still a little apprehensive, I think in no time this will be something that the girls will love.

Here they are today, in action:

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest



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7 thoughts on “Chicken Toy”

  1. Edenhills, I think so too, one of those, why didn't I think of that moments.

    From Beyond My Kitchen Window, I hope so too! I agree, they are lucky girls. Everyone loves them in the neighborhood and spoils them too.

  2. Speaking of chicken toys…I just discovered on the internet…The Chicken Swing by Fowl Play Products…it is also sold on I had to share this because when I first watched the demo video…I could not stop laughing and it does look like it would keep hens busy and entertained.


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