Chickens Stories from Our Nest

The Thrill of Discovery

There is something magical about collecting eggs from your own flock of backyard chickens.  It is difficult to describe, the leap that your heart makes as you peer into the nesting boxes and discover the most quiet and delicate scene.  The eggs come in an array of colors and if you know your flock, you know each girl’s egg.  Incredibly, each chicken’s egg is unique to her, including the shape and color.  Sometimes, one or two or three, eggs are all nestled together in the fresh straw and shavings.
It is serene, a stolen quiet moment.  As the girls are busy scratching in the run, I gently retrieve and cradle the eggs in my hands.  Sometimes they are warm; freshly laid.  My daughter likes to touch the warm eggs to her cheek.  Then in her tiniest of hands, she examines the egg.   She takes her time.  Once she discovers who laid the egg, she thanks the responsible girl.  I am always amazed that such a simple experience, can be so powerful.  Instead of taking the time to smell the roses, I like to say, take time and collect the eggs.  For me, it is an experience that I savor. I am delighted by this simple pleasure.
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • I totally agree, it is a thrill and a pleasure everyday collecting eggs…It's the bonus to owning chickens. How sweet of your daughter to thank the girls….

  • Maryann, somehow, I just knew you would feel the same as me!

  • I could not have said this better and I agree 110% My hens have been laying for months now and I still can't wait to scoot outside and see what I find in the nest box each afternoon.

  • "…take time and collect the eggs." – How perfect is that? I love this post. I cannot wait for the privilege of eggs from my girls, and I just know I will feel the same as you! xo Helena

  • I am so happy that we can all relate to one another.

    Love that you feel the same way, Flock Mistress.

    Thank you for the lovely compliments too Helena. You are such a dear!

  • what an awesome post!! i have not been able to enjoy this with my own flock yet…but soon very soon I hope too :0)

  • Thanks Georgia. Soon, and the feeling is amazing as much as the eggs are delicious.

  • You have such a lovely blog, I'm so happy I found you via "From Beyond My Kitchen Window." I've enjoyed reading and learning about chickens. But what do you do with chickens in the Northeast in the winter?

    Lately my hubby has been talking about raising some chickens. One of my friends in Seattle does it, but I'm a little nervous about it.

    Please stop by when you have a moment. I love company and new friends are always welcome.


  • Thank you Mary, so sweet of you to say such nice things. You definitely can raise chickens in the Northeast without any problems. Just be sure you select "Cold Hardy" breeds. has a fantastic breed selector online as well as great telephone support. I would read up as much as you can this Winter and then place your order Spring 2012. You will love it!

  • Beautiful Egg Post… I so agree with you on it all! I love goin out to collect eggs, it just puts alittle happy in your day 🙂

  • Thank you Jennifer! I could not agree with you more!