Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Smiles from Chickens

Silly Tilly drags a branch across the yard
You can quote me as I speak
Chickens smile despite their beaks
Look how she walks and talks and stares
See how she jumps and shows she cares
Listen to her serenade
Think of how they’ve danced and played
Their little toes don’t skip a beat
Happiness permeates their feet.
Up into your lap they hop
Snuggling right into your top.
I feel their combs warm near my skin
I really feel like chicken kin
Watching my hens all the while
I swear to you that they can smile
~ Tilly’s Nest 2011
Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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  • Love it!!–Thanks for the smile that verse brought to my face 🙂

  • Thanks Rebecca!

  • I have an EE/black austrolorp cross rooster. Today I realized that his eyes CAN remain straight across when he closes his eyes.

    HOWEVER, when rubbing his belly and under his wings he'll sigh (yes, sigh) and then close his eyes and they'll be little half circles (like you would put on a frowny face). So yes, chickens SMILE!

    You can find pictures of my chickens (in fact recently posted some today) at


  • Hope demain, that is fantastic! I will definitely check those pics out! I knew they could:)