Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Inspector Sunshine

Lately, I do not know what has gotten into Sunshine.  She has single handedly taken it upon herself be the secret investigator and the police officer of Tilly’s Nest.  She is my pseudo rooster.  She sounds the alarm for the flock.  She inspects the nesting boxes frequently.  She counts the eggs and is protective of them.  When I open the nesting boxes to check for eggs, she runs in and watches my every move.  Sometimes, she even pecks my hand as I gather the eggs.
It is interesting that when roosters are not present, often a hen will take on a role similar to the rooster.  Some of these girls even start to crow, stop laying eggs and grow spurs like their rooster counterparts.  Every chicken has a role in the flock.  Some are the look outs.  Some are the scouts.  Some are the Mothers who tell the others when to eat, dust bathe and go to sleep.  Some are lower in the pecking order and serve the “safety in numbers” theory.
Similar to families, everyone has their own role.  I can identify with the roles of the chickens.  In my family,  I have old roles with my sisters and parents.  I have newer ones with my husband and children.  In the world, we have roles in work and with friends.  I wonder if like us, the chickens are allowed to choose their own roles or do they just fall into place?  Perhaps, it is a little of both.  Amazingly, I never cease to find similarities between the chicken and human world.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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